2007 Altima Hybrid

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Here are some specs:
-198hp total
-41mpg city and 36 mpg highway.

That’s pretty much what the Camry offers. Most Camry Hybrid owners report MPG figures pretty close to the EPA estimates.
They actually do get around 36 to 38 mpg overall, which is great for a roomy sedan with almost 200hp.

Options include Navigation, sunroof, leather. Again, just like the Camry Hybrid.
But for most people, the new Altima has much more character and personality than the Camry.
And I really like the matt finish on the wood trim. But that’s just me after a few drinks…

It should be a great car anyway. The current Altima is already a pretty nice car.

Now for pricing.
Nothing yet. We’ll know more when the car actually becomes available, early 2007. (Other Altimas come out next month)

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  1. El Guapo said…

    Hey Vince I did read somewhere that Nissan would use the Hybrid engines from Toyota, do you know if those on the Altima are the same?

  2. I think that’s what they do.
    But in this case the electric motor is paired with Nissan’s 2.5 Liter engine.

  3. I like the look of the Altima a lot more than the Camry but I’m going to hold out on buying untill they come out with a practical 5 door. Something along the lines of the Matrix or Versa.

  4. If this thing is priced right, I’m sure Nissan has a good chance of selling quite a few of them. This is much better looking then Camry and probably drives better too.

  5. I like it 🙂

    Although, I think Nissan should make the rear lights all clear and a unique set of dubs (wheels) for the hybrid model–just to further distinguish it from regular Altima line.

  6. I wonder if Ford is re-thinking/regretting/speeding-up its decision to wait for their 2008my-GenIII hybrids for the Fusion/Milan/MkZep?

  7. It’s suppose to be an old version of hybrid from Toyota. Toyota don’t want to shoot in her owns feets.

  8. notice at all how its the same light green color in these first pictures just like the first pictures that were released of the camry hybrid

  9. It doesn’t seem to really matter what version of the Toyota system they use if they get the same gas mileage…

  10. The rear seat in the Altima is not as roomy or comfortable as the Camry. As for the styling, subjective as it may be, this Altima looks much too similar to the current dated model, and in some ways worse. Many Nissan fans for instance despise those new headlights, which have been stretched further than the current model, not to mention the stretched taillights. As one Nissan fan that I talked to put it, “they might as well stretch the head and taillights so that they meet”.

    Further, the Camry Hybrid still gets better mileage. It has a 38/40 EPA rating, whereas this Altima Hybrid has a 36/41 EPA rating.

    And only being sold in 8 States? Is Nissan not confident in the sales of this hybrid?

  11. 1) it’s only gonna be available in 7 states, I read, on https://www.thecarconnection.com/. So, Big “whoop-tee-doo”, as grandpa used ta say!2) I read this version is the current(soon-to-be “old” version) Toyota hybrid(so, in other words, in about what, 2 years, when that 94MPH Prius gets here, no one will look at this thing, if top mpg is their priority).3) Next Generation Corolla is rumored to be about 180 inches in total length, and may be even bumped up into the lower end of midsized sedan EPA ratins-interior volume.If it gets 40MPG(or more), then this thing becomes alittle less impressive(unless you want 0-60 to be 1 second faster than a Corolla, and if you live where they will sell them…).4) You can “cheap out”, buy an 07 Elantra fully loaded for 17K, and get about 37-38MPG(and midsized sedan EPA ratings)….and a 10/100K warranty.Nissan should sell this everywhere. Are they listening to Bob K-Lutz?Must Be! 5 years from now, we’ll all be able to get a B segmment Corsa!roll-eyes!

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