All new 3 series hardtop convertible

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One good looking classy convertible.

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  1. beautiful car, i read that the “flame surfacing” known otherwise as bangling are going to continue with the next generations of BMW’s but each car with their own distinct look and more evolve than the current ones look, the first BMW to advance the flame surfacing will be the new 5.

  2. This is nice enough, and convertible hardtops are the best of both worlds.

    Still, the last generation 3-series was the most beautiful ever. Then Bangle came along and, like the style or not, his cars look cheaper than previous models.

  3. and how much will this cost, 80k???

    a 328 coupe with leather a sunroof and sirius goes for 38k :thumbsdown:

  4. Anonymous said… “…i read that the “flame surfacing” known otherwise as bangling…” ___ Flame surfacing is the least negative aspect of bangling imho. Origami panel cuts – esp. the pominent trunklid slices; curved rocker/side-skirts; hokey headlites; awkward taillites; and a bulbous overall shape are the worst parts.

  5. This will top out at $50K. The least expensive will be right at $40k, BMW is cutting prices, believe it or not. That is part of the plan to regain stolen market share by Infiniti, since a G35 HTC is part of the new lineup.

    Awesome video @

  6. As much as I dislike Bangle’s influence of recent BMW’s, this is sweet! the classic 3 -series shape and chiseled updated lines reinforce this as the benchmark. Can’t wait to drive it!

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