The All new Mariner???

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Not really, frame and engines are the same.
But it seems, like some of you noticed, I failed to notice some of the differences between the 2006 (bottom) and the new 2007 (top).
The door panels do look different .
Bt I think the whole structure of the car, the glass areas, roof etc.. are still the same.
So I still think this is not an all new design. Like the 2007 CRV or the 2006 RAV4…

Am I right or am I still a bit drunk??? (It is still Friday night after all…)

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  1. i also noticed also that the wheel wells of the 08 model is round, compared to the squarish one of the 06 model, so new sheet metal also in addition to the door panels.

    well, enough about the mariner, i wonder what the new Escape will look like…the Escape is more popular in where i live.

  2. I like it. Gone are the cute-ute looks. The redesigned doors, fenders, front and rear ends transform the Mariner into a much more sophiticated looking SUV. The blacked out B-pillar helps too.

    Too bad Mercurys were dropped from Ford of Canada’s lineup six years ago.

  3. well thats what the mags are saying, vince this is a good site but i think the staff at autoweek are a little more credibatility than you do, and they say full redesighn same chassis just ugraded but all new body and new interior

  4. Whether or not Ford kills Mercury, Mercury is dead. Who cares? Let them waste the money on a “redesign”.

  5. No sheetmetal is common between the new MAriner/Escape and the old one-everything has been (slightly) changed.
    Indeed Vince, I don’t think they did much to the suspension or framework, just the shaping (and only a bit at that).

  6. I’m liking the new Mariner more & more. These side shots really show the difference – BIG difference – new Mariner looks like it costs twice as much!(imHo) _ps_ side glass is NOT the same – obvious at C-pillar, windshield looks different too, tho That might be the angle. I really think the body is all new… just not drastically different in style – something that *may* turn out for the good in the Mariner’s case eventually, regardless of not being currently trendy enough for *some*.

  7. Maybe it’s just that photo, but that looks like it could almost be a Lincoln. Kinda wonder if they started out with that as a possibility in mind. _______ Vince, could you make the comment text box bigger? Might just be my system but I can only see one or two words at a time.

  8. I remember 2 or 3 years ago (maybe even more) they announced they were going to come out with a Lincoln version of the Escape.
    But that was canceled later…

  9. This type of change is really easy and cheap to make – all the hard points underneath are all the same. So, no, it’s absolutely not “all new” – although I’ll bet they’ll advertise it that way. Anybody driving one would find it’s the same thing as has been out for years…-Jeff

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