Another day, another Chinese copy. Or two…

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Not sure if these are production cars (The green one has what seems to be LED headlights)

I like the special touch on the blue one:
A Yaris front end on a Scion Xa body.

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  1. The world needs to be seriously worried about the Chinese…they are showing serious signs of effing up the car world…

    Slap a Toyota badge on it and how can you tell the difference?

  2. Maybe these renditions are not far off from Toyota’s idea of a redesign for the Scion twins! As of late it seems that Toyota has either run out of ideas, initiative or money when it comes to redesigning their models. The Chinese have probably beat them to their own punch!

  3. Form the first look, I thought you post a Toyota Bb and Yaris, luckily you tell us that this one is a clone……Well done for the Chinese car marker, let’s hope they keep the cost low and they use a Toyota engine. I wonder what action will Toyota take……

  4. These are not Chinese copies.

    Most, and I do mean most, brandname imports into China are all rebranded into Chinese brands.

    The ones you see are probabily Toyata modified specifically for the China market.

  5. When you consider how often car companies recyle old designs in China and throughout the rest of the third world, it would not surprise me if these were sanctioned by Toyota. The old Bb (Scion Xb) has already been replaced, and the 1st (CScion Xa) is soon to be redone as well. BTW, where did the pics come from?

  6. “Anonymous said…
    every automaker copies, honda copied bmw, toyota copied mercedes etc etc etc Just the way it goes”

    That’s the wrong response to thieves.

  7. Vince,

    Is the bB also a mutant scion? I total agree about the xA version.

    I see the current bB nose. But maybe it’s me, because the green one looks different from current xB we have in the USA, at least from the doors back.

    Anywho, Good for the Chinese. ;-]

  8. sukyphuky: Insecurity, much?

    lol. Some of you Japanese/Japanophiles are getting to extreme lows.

    Don’t worry, soon, the Japanese will be marginalized to 1 or 2 small automakers.

  9. Boy, there are a lot of idiots posting here. This is not the kind of imitation that is commonplace in automotive design, this is design by tracing. It’s only occuring in China because the legal system there is so lax on enforcing copyright laws. The manufacturers being copied are making inroads into stamping it out in China, but there’s no fear of any of these vehicles being allowed to sell outside of their home country. Even if they weren’t rolling deathtraps that would never pass crash safety requirements, copyright laws in the rest of the world would never let them off the boat.

    And would it kill some of you to blow the dust off your brains before covering us in your verbal diarrhoea?

  10. japanese and koreans copied their way into the car market. What makes china superior is they are much less protectionist that either japanese or korean in their home market.

  11. I don’t care if others have copied automotive designs before, this is completely over the top and unacceptable. The Chinese have copied, line-for-line, so many established designs and have proven to the world that they can’t be taken seriously as players in the automotive industry. Unlike Chinese knockoff CDs, DVDs, Montblanc pens, Rolex watches, clothing, etc; the Chinese government heavily subsidizes their auto industry. If this kind of thievery is truly a Chinese cultural problem that they won’t address, they cannot be permitted to enter civilized automotive markets. I am now stepping off my soab box.

  12. I think some should take a step back. These are not copies of any japanese products, but rather Toyota cars modified for the chinese market.
    Like I believe someone memtioned earlier chinese copyright laws are weak, so it would be Cheaper in long run for Toyota to sell dated yet modified products.

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