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  1. this seems a rip from the lexus GS350, is mercedes running out of ideas, the E class meanwhile has the LS 460 headlights. i guess its payback time for mcedes

  2. I really hope that the final design will not use these headlights. IMO Lexus ripped off MB with the previous GS…but in any case they now own this look. Mercedes has plenty of talent to come up with even better graphics.

  3. The W211 E-Class (2003-2006) Pre-Face Life is the best looking Benz of modern times, and it only looks to be downhill from here.

  4. Wow, my how the tide turns. I actually HOPE that is what the new E Class looks like, because then it will be critically bashed for being a shameless rip of the Lexus GS, and Mercedes’ reputation will further drop to match their decline in product.

  5. I agree completely with Johhny, Mercedes is over, they’ve had a nice long run for 100 odd years, let Lexus take over. They have earned their keep in less than 20 years.

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