Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster

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Quite a mouthfull..
Not so good pictures of a great looking car.

More, and much better, pictures later…

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  1. Good looking? yes. But think about it: it can’t drive as well as Porsche, it isn’t as luxurious as Mercedes-Benz, it isn’t as well built or reliable as Lexus SC, it has a bad parent (Ford), and its future is as unpredictable as Madonna’s newly adopted son. So again, how cool is it?

  2. I am getting confused with this brand’s design.
    All of the AMs look so similar that I have a hard time telling the difference.

  3. MKK,

    Uh, it’s very cool. Its more luxurious than a MB,prettier than the ugly Lexus; and was a brand saved from sure death when Ford acquired it. Lighten up.

  4. Oh just ignore them. The comments were aimed at ford and had nothing to do with AM. People like that who have never driven anything more that a camry don’t know jack.

  5. some people are so cynical it doesnt drive like a porsche neither does anything else but a porsche, ferraris dont drive like porsches that doesnt make them inferior cars, and the rest of the comments have no merit, some people are just off lol

  6. You don’t see a lot of british cars in bright red like this. Wow, I like this… I like this a lot!

  7. yes Am is owned foby ford, however everything is basically done in house, its not like the shitty “badge engineering” they do in the US. This coupe offers something porsche cannot do these days, offer exclusivity. Am does not have a SUV, and only make what they do best, fast, awsome sounding, GTs. A porsche may drive better, but seems that every rich schmuck has one.

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