Bentley Continental GT C

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I know it’s too expensive to be featured here….

But really. Who cares….

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  1. The car looks so plain, Ive seen it in real life, and I find it hard to justify the price, its really not that impressive at all.

  2. It’s the Continental’s understated good looks that make it so damn gorgeous, especially in drop top form. No over-the-top, over-designed, sci-fi futuristic, look-at-me styling. This may be the most beautiful car on the planet.

  3. All it is a overpriced VW Phaeton in a 2 door form, it may be a beautiful car but even if i could afford this car paying 200k for a Volkswagen it does not make much sense to me, that is why the phaeton deceased for now, who wants to pay over 60k for a volkswagen and they could buy a lexus for much cheaper.

  4. Call it a Volkswagen if you want. The Phaeton failed in the US because of the disconnect between brand value and the price of the car. Most reviews of the Phaeton were very positive, in spite of the logo on the grille.

    The Continental GTC is amazing. The performance is exhilarating and the interior is 1st rate. I’ve seen Continental coupes all over the place and they really are stunning. There’s no reason to think a convertible will draw less attention.

    And no, I don’t think this car is out of place on this site. I’d rather see this than more uninteresting Camry and Kia garbage that litters most sites lately.

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