Brazilan Fiat concept with local human babe.

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  1. To the car I say: WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU?!

    To the human, I say: So… HOW much did you get paid to stand next to that SUV-muscrat crossbreed?

  2. Well, if you made the Eclipse into a smaller version of an SUV, you’d probably get something approximating this!
    I think(a general design idea like) this is what Dodge should build, instead of another “SUV” Hornet thing(sorry, guys, but this”our whole line up looks like our trucks’ is getting alittle stale.
    This beats that horrid Sebring!

  3. “local human babe” – ain’t that a bit racialist? Kind of like saying “Brazilian ethnic human babe?”

  4. “local human babe” – ain’t that a bit racialist? Kind of like saying “Brazilian ethnic human babe?”

    No it’s not.

  5. Hmmm…. take a tC engine(160HP, 0-60 in around 8 seconds, with automatic, 32-34MPG hwy), Make this FWD or Optional AWD(or make it like the Suzuki SX4, all options available, low price, at the fli of the switch FWD or AWD or Lo-Gear AWD up to 36MPH), and price it at 18K.
    Make it say tC sized, too(larger than the Yaris sedan).
    I’d HIGHLY consider one. why? I’m BORED with SUV’s, Sedans, and Wagons(that look like a box with 5 doors).

  6. Maybe Scion could learn a few things here, for their next generation sporty car, perhaps?

    The FUSE looked good( possible tC replacement in 2 years), but this would be more of a “reality/possibility”(hey, why not? Other companies “steal” each other’s designs!). lol. 😉

    Toyota(Scion) might consider this type of design too radical?
    (not saying make it AWD, or whatever, just steal some styling cues, like the front and rear).

    Or even Mitsu: It already sort of has that “eclipse” look(?)…. make a Mini-eclipse,to go against tC.
    Or just bring this here by 2010! 😉

  7. Fiat either needs to get bnack into the USA, SOON, or if not them, sell this design to Suzuki(or co-build it with them, like they did the Fiat Sudici/Suzuki SX-4 ordeal).

    I could dig this as a rework for Suzuki!
    17K msrp, (use to old Aerio, retuned)155HP, I-4, 31-34MPG hwy, 0-60 around 8 seconds.
    Yep, Gimme One Now!

  8. Hi, guys. I’ve been there today. The FCC Adventure looks better than pics suggest.Re. the “local human babe”, the pics don’t do her any justice either. You can check other “local humans” at the São Paulo Auto Show at:

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