Chevrolet Prisma Y

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Another concept from the Brazilian auto show.
I know it looks small, but it could still be cool over here…

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  1. THey ripped-off the bumper design from Ferrari, the round tire design from Kia, the cigarette lighter design from BMW, the see-thru glass from Mercedes, the round steering wheel from VW, the padded seats from Yugo(?), the gas cap functionality from Opel…..

    Other than that, It is a cool car Vince.

  2. it is an sx4/fiat…reworked by Chevy, maybe like the old Tracker was a Suzuki? GM does have a 3% stake(still) in Suzuki, and they did “give” Suzuki the XL-7( is it Equinox(?)except Suzuki put their own V6 in it,and not GM’s version).
    So, who knows? XL-7 for Suzuki in exchange for this SX-4 /Chevy style?

  3. PS: these sx4’s ain’t sooo tiny inside…. in-laws got one saturday… and one dude is 6’1, 250 lbs, and he had tons of headroom and seat room!
    Enough room for 4 “real” adults, and maybe, for a brief 20-30 minute drive, 5 adults could squeeze in one( I would not recommend more than 30 minutes with 5 adults in an SX-4).

  4. Differences between sx=4 and this.
    1) GM has more black door cladding on bottom of doors.
    2) no “extra” window on this vs suzuki(they have a weird shaped window between the a pillar and drivers windows).
    3) This, of course, looks more suv-truck-like. The Suzuki, in person , looks more crossover-car like.
    4) Tail and Head lights are , of course, different, as are the grilles.

    This is cool, though. I would rather own the Suzuki up front(vs getting a rebadge from elsewhere).
    I bet there’s a good chance(maybe more than 50%) you’ll see a version here in USA next year, or two.
    Who knows, though?
    Chevy sold (Suzuki) Trackers for years, and now have nothing in the price range of the SX-4(no one has, really, for AWD capability).

    Since it’s (basically/mechanically/engineer-wise, right , Vince?) a Suzuki….I would trust it.
    The new SX-4 rocks… akin to a new(good) Hyundai, but thosands less!
    Forget the old Tracker NVH/Lawnmower rides… this thing is great(sx-4) and this should be ,too.

  5. In the 1950’s we made cars to look like rockets and jet fighters. Today we make station wagons look like SUV. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just an observation of styling trends and the subborn perception that wagons are passe. Style it like a SUV and people are happy.

  6. GM NEEDS this in USA. Since the Tracker has fallen to the wayside…only alternative is Suzuki(Hyundai/Kia’s small suv’s liek this, crossovers, well, they can NOT be had with automatic/4cylinders anymore…and are 20K range, to get automatic/V6, and less MPG than an SX-4).

    With GM’s 5/100K warranty(and of course Suzuki’s great longetivity of their vehicles), this is a no brainer here.
    Then again, it could steal/cannabalize some sales from the HHR, perhaps, unless the go the Pontiac route with it?

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