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The head of Citroen mentioned last week a possible return to north America.
They are actually thinking of selling cars in Canada first. Where, I bet, they might have quite a following in Quebec.

It seems nothing would actually happen before 2010. So none of their current models might make it over here.
Although the C4 Picasso just came out, and the C6 is also new. They usually keep their top of the line large sedan for much longer than the usual 5 year cycle.
They all look great, but I also hear quality is still a problem.

Anyway, here are some of their better offerings:

The C4 Sedan and coupe:
The new C4 Picasso:
The large C6 sedan:

I think it might work if they don’t expect to sell 400 000 cars a year. Or market them as expensive luxury cars (Like Peugeot was doing in the 70’s and 80’s)
Their appeal in the US would be pretty limited. On top of being a “new” brand in the market.

At least they do offer something completely different and maybe that’s enough….

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  1. different is fine, as long as they support it.

    If you need a part, there had better be no waiting for a month until it gets shipped from Europe.

  2. A friend of mine waited 5 months (that’s right, 5) for a part in her 2005 VW.
    It was the iPod plug. Looks like a $1.50 part to me.
    But it took these guys 5 months to get it.
    (It wasn’t even listed as a part on VW’s internal catalog)

    I think Citroen couldn’t do much worse.

  3. French cars always had a nice design and always second to the Italians. It seems that most Americans
    who would buy the car are the same types of people who would buy an Apple Mac, creative and not part of the crowd. But also these individuals would not let French politics interfere or their wallet.
    But to be honest, I would like to see these cars
    on US streets since I kind of get bored of seeing “your everyday car”.

  4. The styling is too strange for US tastes, and that C4 interior … what a monstrosity that is. I almost feel sick just looking at it.

    BECAUSE IN FRANCE THERE is SEVERAL modéles de la plus petite à la plus grande (the smaller a largest).

    There is the CITROEN C1 little modele,the C2 LITTLE modele,the C3 IS CITADINE (town) and C3 PLURIEL cabriolet beautiful ,the C4 is compact ,the C5 is berline ,the BERLINGO is a ludospace ,the C8 is a big monospace (espace),the C6 LUXE AND CLASSE .

  6. The C6 might work in North America for the very reason it’s sure to remain a rare sight in Europe – size.

    Unfortunately, the pricing structure might scare Americans away. In the UK, Citroen is all about value for money, routinely offering massive cashback deals on their cars – unfortunately, they’ve been FAR too ambitious with the pricing of the C6, forcing it into the unenviable position of being just as expensive as the Jaguar S-Type with which it shares its 2.7 litre twin turbo diesel engine – although I doubt such an engine would ever be offered to North American consumers.

  7. I like the interior of the C4 Picasso, especially the Storage boxes on the top panel–it’s pretty cool :o)

    I give kudos for Citroen’s unique design, but I don’t think they can make a significant inroad in the U.S. market because we the Americans are pretty conservative when it comes to car design and purchases. They might steal some sales away from potential Saab buyers…

  8. The central hub on the steering wheel remains centered while the wheel rotates around it for the steering…very cool.This video describes both the c4 3 and 4dr, plus you’llsee a bunch of bunny rabbits. I think Vince would like that.

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