Citroen C6 on sale in Japan

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Could Canada and the US be next?

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  1. This Citroen doesn’t have the steering wheel that rotates around the center hub as seen in most Citroens. I really liked that feature and I hope they
    don’t water down anything else.

  2. The outside looks great. Interior is so-so. However with the poor reputation for quality, I would wait a while before buying one.

  3. the look resembles an old citroen my family used to have.
    It was nice & roomy. The best ride I’ve ever had. The adjustable height was really helpful during flooding & to drive on potholes. Weird placement of cassette tape in front of the arm rest (close to e-brake).

    Too bad, it’s hydraulics kept breaking almost every year and they were expensive. We finally sold the car.

    Nevertheless, I won’t forget that old Citroen forever. If it’s available in the US and it still has all the classic Citroen elements, I’d be inclined to consider it.

  4. Ugliest car I have seen in a long time. Inside and out. Period. Looks like someone turned a bathtub upside down and put 4 wheels underneath. Where is the style, the passion, the character?

  5. This is an awful looking ride. People want to complain about American designs, but praise this garbage? Oh, I forgot….. its foreign, so its great.

    The interior isn’t half bad, but they need to go back to the drawing board for the exterior.

    This looks like one of those cars you’d see in old 80’s movies that are supposed to represent the future that always came off as cheesy and lame.

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