The electric car is back?

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Maybe.. Maybe not…

This small Korean company “Electric Motorcar” founded in 2004 claims they can do it with a car that has a better range than the EV1 and charges faster.
The guy on the picture has plenty of books, so he’s got to be smart right?

No other details yet about a time line, pricing etc…
Good luck…

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  1. Hey, cool! Looks pretty snazzy as well. I would consider this for sure if it’s cheap.

    The batteries of the Prius don’t recycle too well and make really bad pollution once your done with it, so I’m kinda worried about this.

    It would be very interresting taking one of these, a Loremo ( and a Miata and comparing them!

    If this is produced, how many will they make per year? Do you know any info about anything that you can say?

  2. Looks good. gimme 12.;-)
    i;d buy one if it were even just a normal 4 cylinder, 140Hp car, getting 34MPG or so.

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