Euro Fusion in the US

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This picture was taken in Hollywood (!)
This Ford is not sold in the US, but pretty much everywhere else.

I remember reading something a while ago about selling it over here.
This would make a good Hybrid. Being smaller and cheaper than the Escape it would also get better mileage…

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  1. This isn’t the Euro Fusion! This is the (Fusion/Fiesta-) based EcoSport that isn’t even for sale in Europe. Its a car that is on the Brazilian market


  2. Vince, this will DEFINATELY SELL in LARGE QUANTITIES here in the U.S.! There is now a void left behind from the loss of such vehicles as the REAL Honda CR-V no longer being manufactured! The new ‘CROSSOVER DESIGNS’ grow long-in-the-tooth quickly, and there is still a great demand for rugged looking small SUV’s with the traditional full size spare tire mounted outside on the tailgate! This design will never grow old! If Ford keeps the price below or near $20,000 for a fully equipped model, there will be an invasion of these in North America! We are looking at Ford’s Salvation!!!!!

  3. The car is the brazilian EcoSport, which is a little bit different from the euro Fusion (has more SUV appearance). When it was launched here, in 2003, Ford said there were plans to sold it in USA (the Ford Bronco concept was made over its base), but last year they skipped (too small for americans). Maybe now their ideas changed with the gas prices…

  4. Any possibility that this will be the next Escape? It isn’t like anyone uses them to go offroad or anything! Knowing Ford, if that were to happen they would make it bigger and blander first.

  5. Ford’s answer to the Hyundai Tucson.

    Just don’t forget Ford, that you still need to make good CARS too!

  6. wckwMaybe they will make them in Mexico(typical Ford, GM
    Nissan, VW way of saving a dime) for the US since the Escape/Mariner are going up a level in luxury, my guess.

  7. this is the ecosport produced here in brazil, in bahia.
    its a small car based on the fiesta.
    it has a very bad interior.

  8. The Escape is bigger then the EcoSport.. the Espace will get a facelift soon. This EcoSport looks so dated.. why would you want one..? You’d better wait for the all new compact SUV that Ford is planning


  9. I drove the Eco Sport in Argentina. It is suuuper cheap and underpower. The interior is NASTY, full of hard cheap plastics.
    The engine is as old as Bob Lutz.

  10. I just got back from my first European vacation. I saw this Ford and MANY other cars that we miss out on here in the US. This little Ford SUV is really nice…not too big. I think they’d sell very well for Ford.

  11. THIS SMALL MIRACLE WILL BE THE SALVATION FOR FORD MOTOR COMPANY, here in North America!!!!! Henry Ford can now rest in peace, his legend and his company will now live on due to this major breakthrough!!! Watch and see all the other major players sramble to bring to market a clone of this HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PLATFORM!!!

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