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Once again, Italians show the world how to design a car.

The new Bravo should compete with the Golf class.

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  1. I agree about the Italian styling. While the Italians have had their share of turkeys, the Japanese have much to learn from them when it comes to designing beautiful desirable cars. Of course the Japanese cars are better in almost every other way but very few have that “gotta have it” factor. Very few are striking.Being irrational as we are, sometimes a pretty car can entice us though our brain may tell us to stay away. Sort of like women…

  2. It looks good and was probably designed by Pinanfarina…who also designed the USDM Suzuki Reno. Which would explain why this car looks like a next-generation Reno…with next-generation Acura TSX interior…Just some thoughts.

  3. Other than the fact that it comes from the same country/company as Ferrari, I don’t see how you can argue this as a good looking car. It really doesn’t look good, in fact I like the Golf better. If it said “toyota” or “chevy” on the front, I doubt most of you would say it looks good. You people are too easily influenced by brands.

  4. Once again, this is one UGLY Italian designed car. The lines aren’t very clean, doesn’t flow and overall shape is odd, not balanced from front to back.

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