Even more R8 pictures.

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Audi announced the US pricing will be ‘slightly below $100 000.
I guess you can call that pretty competitive in the segment.

It is one stunning looking car anyway. Stuff dreams are made of…

They also announced that production has already started and the first cars will be delivered in May 2007.
Which doesn’t make much sense to me.
Almost 8 months between production and delivery???

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  1. By production they probably mean more preproduction test mules. Even after every last detail of the car has been designed and tested, the first cars coming off the mass production line have to be re tested to ferify the production process. This is commonly known as “pilot run”. Usually the pilot run cars are either crushed or used by employees after testing is complete. GM gives them to Oprah to give away. Volvo just sells them to the first 1000 unlucky customers.

  2. This car is HOTTT 🙂

    However, maybe it’s just me, but it does look like a fancier version of the Nissan Z.

    For $100,000, it’s a good deal. But, between R8 and the upcoming, higly-anticipated Acura NSX, I probably will go for the new NSX. how about u?

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