Ford Cross Max?

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It it ever gets produced, this would be Ford’s European SUV.

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  1. Why doesn’t the new Edge look this good?

    Ford produces its best cars for Europe and gives crap to the U.S. market.

    Best bet is to admire the overseas Fords and buy something else if you’re in the U.S.

  2. Must I live in Europe to have decent Ford vehicles? I guess to Ford, it makes sense to have provide the European continent with a great assortment of cars, and provide North America with a suckey assortment. This plan does not seem to be working all that well for Ford.

    Ford execs need to get out of their offices, travel a bit more, and see exactly what the rest of the country thinks about their staid vehicles.

  3. it looks great! i’d still prefer the mariner or LR2.

    even though the headlights are distinctly Focus, the way they look on an SUV shape is really reminiscent of the RX. not a bad thing. just an observation.

    ford probably doesn’t want to bring it’s great euro / world vehicles here because that would mean that all the bosses and whatnot would be admitting that american designed and engineered products aren’t good enough (which is true for NA Ford in most cases).

    i grew up with fords but they constantly keep disapointing me – especially with the interiors.

  4. Anonymous said…

    Big Focus.

    HAHA you took the words right out of my mouth.. why does ford of europe just slap on the focus face on all their cars.

  5. Front lights off a Lex, I think it looks pretty good, but it won’t looks good in a few years. Also, Euro Fords (and most Euro cars) look like throw-away cars. You keeo them for a like 5 years, and by then they have fallen apart. They don’t look built to last, as older European cars did.

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