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Another small car disguised as an SUV from the Brazilian auto show.

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  1. I heard that concept car was made to show off the Fiesta’s reestyling for 2007/2008..

    The Fiesta is smaller than the Focus, I think it would sell well on the USA!

  2. Doesn’t look bad at all. Looks larger than the Fiesta. Plus, as long as it had a different monicar, it would probably sell pretty well.

    Im excited for some of these small cars to start including a “no-gas-expense” turbo.

    Imagine a Fit, with say 150Hp from a turbo, and still getting around 40mpg.

  3. Really…I wonder how long it will take Ford to figure out people are BUYING these small cars in America again.

    Even GM has Daewoo and the little b-class car over here. (And it doesn’t look half bad with it’s redesign this year)

  4. This looks decent and would sell in N/A, minus the cheap plastic and nasty paint. However, it will probably take Ford 8-10 years to relase it here, by then we will probably be in the next large-SUV boom, with the low cost of running electric cars, and Ford will have another out of date release.

  5. Ford does not want to sell small cars in the USA. Ford could sell millions of small cars a year and still go Chapter 11 because they could not make enough profit per car on these things to stay in business. The UAW is sucking the life out of Ford/GM.

  6. Cute, make it reasonably price with good gas milage they will have a great product. Give people what they want.

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