GMC Acadia price

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$29 990 for the “well equiped FWD model”.
That includes the standard 3.6 Liter V6 with 275hp and a 6 speed auto.
And it gets 18mpg city/26 hwy.

All that looks pretty good on paper….

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  1. I never thought I’d say this about a GM product here in the United States…but, it looks really nice! Is this based off os some Opel in Europe? Maybe GM is acutally learning from its mistakes…

  2. Of course, this is yet another damn SUV, but if it’s what someone actually needs, it looks like a winner.

    I’m impressed with an overall quality improvement in the entire GM fleet. Better designs, better quality, and better reliability. All good things.

  3. This is not based off any Opel. It’s an all-NEW platform shared with the Saturn Outlook and Buick Enclave.

  4. After looking at the new c-class pictures Im wondering now if MB and GM swaped interior parts bins.

    Maybe in 5 years if this thing is proven reliable, I might just make my first trip to a GM showroom.

  5. I agree with the 2nd posters sentiments on SUV’s.
    If someone Needs one, this is sharp looking.
    Now, if only GM can FIX the interior of their HHR(maybe similar set up of dash/steering column, etc)……

  6. I noticed the steering wheel(the part I can see) seems to be set low, wich is a Good Thing. I test drove an HHR, and the “Downward travel” on it was not good. It did nto go down as far as in the Suzuki SX-4, or even the PT Cruiser, which was /is it’d direct competition.
    Horribly uncomfortable.

    Form what I can tell, the steering cloumn is down to about(bottom of the wheel_) almost same height as the glovebox, which is about how I drive a vehicle, not with the bottom of the wheel at chin level! lol.

    Apply this to their Cobalt, G5, HHR, and maybe I’ll take a look again someday.

  7. Very nice looking…but I would rather buy a used RX330.

    I’ll pray for GM, but killing off the Envoy and co was a bad move.

  8. I thought this looked pretty good when I first saw it a few weeks ago, but now it looks pretty bland. I guess I was surprised with GM coming out with a decent car, but then I realized decent isn’t good enough in todays market.

  9. It better include the hot babe in leather for $30K… Um… Is that what you meant ? That might get me to look at it.

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