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I guess almost every GM small car using the 2.4 Liter engine will also have a 2.0 Turbo option.
Like the Cobalt, Sky and Solstice.
Why not.

I like the HHR but some people want more power in it. That would do it.

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  1. Great idea…
    It would also be nice to see this van with an Haldex (4-motion??) AWD system. It would give it some credibility. and would go well with the style.

  2. Vince,
    I like the HHR also, that turbo ecotec and the front air dam & wheels make it look sharp…

    Have to check one out


  3. Could be nice if it was reliable and dependable like a Toyota or Honda.

    Same GM engines (s#it) I wonder if they would be built in Mexico or China.

    GM and Ford made their own bed, they suck!!!!!!

  4. A few quick points: in my household, we too like the HHR, Except, can’t get comfortable behind the wheel! Why is the dash/steering column(lack of dwon travel) so high, like shoulder high, for our hands on the steering wheel? That should not be.
    Why ya adjust the seat height adjuster, when we get to the point the steering wheel is chest high,Comfortable to drive the thing, our heads hit the roof liner= NO Sale.
    Also, PT Cruiser is MORE confortable behind the wheel, unless you like the lack of down travel on(most) GM’s these days,, that is.
    As for the engines: Dudes, long story short, I have NEVER had a bad engine, except for our 77 camaro, and it was due to the carb on it, and maybe our 97 nissan 200sx( it just died, and needed new timing chain and gearing, ignition coil, and rebuilt starter at 66,000 miles).

    As for totally blown engines, not worth working on? Never .
    They are ALL RELIABLE, from Acura to VW.
    As for Toyota and Honda, Toyota had over 1 million recalls recently, and hond ahad tranny issues 3 years ago, a fairly big recall.
    I am guessing this is” I am brainwashed” mentality?
    I know a guy who’s tranny droppe din his jeep at 107,000, yet, when his son was over and asked him how his jeep was running(his kid has a 99 taurus), he said” Fine”(I broguht up the dropped tranny, which irked him).
    So, if someone I know who knows i know they had this type of problem, in front of me, a witness to his misfortune of a dropped tranny, will lie ot his own son….about a vehicle…. how many others lie on Power’s surveys about their cars>
    Also, get this, i READ that if people have issues, but get them fixed(or recalled) fast, and serVIce is friendly, THEY DO NOT COUNT /PERCEIVE THAT AS A PROBLEM ON SURVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yes, toyota and honda never break, run forvever, never need oil changes, etc.. LOL>
    I had a lady who owned a Pontiac and was laughing at my tC(idiot).
    Had one perosn laughing at our 04 sonata, (GM owner) UNTIL they got inot the car… then the laughter adn jokes STOPPED.
    I say this…buy what ya like, and leave everyone else alone.
    Don’t look up or down your nose at stuff, unless you are buying it, then ya can be picky, but give em a chance.Man!

  5. I would never give GM or Ford another chance. I will never buy their products after I did spend so much money thru the years by getting crapy cars.
    I am in the middle of picking up a 2007 Honda CRV.
    The money that spend on cars comes from me busting my @ss.
    So when I am about to spend about $25K in a car, I think I will like that car to make it, at least 100K miles.
    Unless you want to buy me a GM or Ford, I don’t see it happening.

  6. You’re gloating about buying a new CRV? My God is that one ugly pile. Quality or not, if it’s ugly, I wouldn’t care if it lasted me 25 years. I still wouldn’t buy it. There are plenty of other attractive Asian competitors out there for the same price since you must think that quality depends on what continent the brand is based out of. How about those Toyota/Honda recalls?

    To base your buying purchases on vehicles that GM/Ford builds or has yet to build based on experiences is fine. But the American automakers are closing the gap and I bet you’ll probably own an American car again within the next decade or so.

  7. I don’t think people should be bashed just because they are getting a car you think is ugly.

    Hundreds of thousands of people will buy the new CRV over the next few years.
    The CRV has always been one of the most reliable car you can buy.
    Looks are just a matter of taste.
    Nothing is ugly, or not.

    I personally have nothing against the new CRV.
    I would put it on the top of my list if I was in the market for a small SUV.

    Congratulations on your purchase.
    And if you can, tell us what you think of it.
    I am assuming you have already driven one…

  8. Hey Vince Burlapp, thanks for a great website. I am the CRV guy.
    You are reponsable for me getting a 2007 CRV-EX Whistler Silver Metallic. You started posting some spy pictures of that car about four or five months ago.
    Ever since I been a great fan of your site.

    I really did my homework on the CRV, meaning I was looking at the 2007 Toyota RAV4 I4, AWD-Auto Sport Edition. I rode tested the Rav4 twiece and it handles well but the freakin interior Vince, they kill it. It is butt ugly. I wish Toyoyta would at least, used the same interior design used on the Matrix.
    I preffer Hondas since 2003 when I bougth my first 2003 Accord V6.

    Vince, I am big with safety, especially when my family will ride in it.
    Here is a reason I bough the 2007 CRV:
    2007 CRV-EX AWD Auto, Can You Get A Better SUV or Crossover for $24K?
    I always believed that the CRV was a “Chick car” but in my case, my wife is the one who drove our 2004 (rear accident) and 2005 CRV, so I was cool about it, even though I also tinted the windows (it goes really cool with a silver or blue car)

    My personal opinion is that, the third Gen 2007 CRV is the coolest, and the fact that it resembles the Volvo XC90 and the BMW X3 is the part I love the most and that makes it a cool car, not a “Chick car” any more compared to previous Gens.
    So we got the EX AWD Edition and my wife will be the primary driver but I still will tint the windows, just in case.
    Besides the fact that my wife loves the style, my three year old will be riding in it too, so we made the decision on getting it based on:

    1) Safety (all the air bags and ACE frame)
    2) Reliability
    3) Resale Value
    4) Design (interior and exterior)
    5) Handling (it rides better than the 2006 Rav4, I swear)

    We currently owned a 2006 Accord I4 and it is nice but, we need an SUV for its AWD (snow and rain), Cargo space (Accord too small) so we can use it for food shoping and rarely I will use it when I go to the Home Depot.

    Come on guys, can you find a SUV or Crossover that have those qualities for $24K?
    The only one that I can think of is the Toyota Rav4 but the interior is so crapy and ugly (I wonder if you can go blind by it).
    So since I will be spending all that money and since we will be keeping that car for many years to come, wouldn’t you want to feel comfortable and be seated in a nice interior? Again, I was looking at the Rav4 and drove it twice but we will get the Honda, primarely because it design. Great job Honda.

    We can argue about the front grill, door handles, etc, but the bottom line my friends is, we will never find a perfect car, rigth?
    I tell you one thing, I owned way too many cars in the past but the Hondas to me, under my budget are the best.
    At the East coast, Hondas are big, people really love them.

    One last thing Vince, I love my country, my America.
    But, those GM and Ford companies are only American brand nowdays. Their products are being built in Mexico using parts built in China.
    Toyotas and Honda are, for the most part built in the USA.
    The reason that I did jump to get a CRV is, that the ones on the dealerships today, were built in Japan, compared to the ones that we’ll see in about six months or so (built in Liberty, OH)
    Japan’s quality is better.
    Again, I love my America but GM and Ford didn’t care about it. If they would, they should built better cars than Toyotas or Hondas.
    Finally, Toyota is having some recalls and Honda may do too but, it is nothing compared to the recalls that GM and Ford get so frequently.
    The 2007 CRV, handles so well (it handles like my 2006 Acoord SE). Road noise is almost gone. The interior is great (seats are so comfortable). But the safety is the best, I predict that the 2007 CRV will be a best pick at iihs.org (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)on Head, Side and Rear collision. Also the CRV will be the SUV/Crossover of the year (only my humbly opinion)

    El Guapo

  9. When the HHR was new, I saw a few on the road. Now I see none. Well, except for the pile of them at the dealership. CR-Vs? Just the opposite.

    But I really don’t see them as competitors. The HHR is more comparable to the PT Cruiser or Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe. And I’d rather have the latter three. As sales indicate, so would consumers.

    Good luck with that turbo addition to the HHR, GM. You’re gonna need it.

  10. I agree. I like the PT Cruiser waaaaaaaaaay better than HHR. Hpoing the do a good job when it is time to “create” a new version in a few years(should know by next year if they will use the new Caliber platform, or what).

    As for brands: I am Cheap!
    Toyota and Honda are great, but, I can get a Sonata for waaaaay less, and it will last(easily) 100,000(my 99 gls v6 lasted 120,000+ when i traded it in after 5+ years).

    Is it “Toyota/Honda” quality/resale? No.

    Is it better for me to buy a 23K LX Sonata (loaded, on sael for 20K recently), or a 28K Camry?(before taxes, and financing, which could be up to 2,560 dollars on top of 8K savings -= 10,560 saved over 5 years, between camry/sonata).
    I’ll take the slighlty “lesser” car for 20K.
    (MotorWeek.org picked Sonata 06 as their best midsized family sedan for 2006).
    That’s just me, though.

    Sorry 2 digress so much.
    I just buy what I like. Sometimes, if you’re into trade-ins every 3 years, then, i would not buy Hyundai/Kia.
    If you run cars into the ground(30,000+ miles per year, like we do), or trade in at 4.5 years, then it’s all good.

    GM has an issue with brake pads, people. I know tons of owners who gripe about replacing them every 18-25,000 miles!What are they made of, papier mache’?
    My Sonata did not need front brake pads until 87,000+ miles, and the rear pads at 113,000.

    Saem for our tC… it is at 64,000+ miles(in 25 months of ownership)…..and the rear disc pads are at 50-75%, and front at 50%. Front will be channged around 90,000.
    The rear pads about 110-120,000 miles.
    Big Difference!
    tC does NOT need a fuel filter replacement, either(built in the gas tank?).
    There’s more $$$ saved(yet, the car was 17,199) at tune up time.

    GM copied PT Cruiser, but did a poor job of it.
    PT is alittle over 169 inches in total length, and the HHR is what, 175-176 inches total length, yet, it has the SAME interior volume(or thisclose).
    The “smaller” PT has as much volume as the HHR.
    PT also has the Take Out rear seats; HHR does not.
    Try again, GM.

  11. was set to buy the new VW GTi but had occasion to drive an HHR “rental” for 10 days. Bottom of the line with over 20,000 miles. I’m 235 pounds and found it to be more comfortable than anything tiny.

    I returned and bought the LT, loaded and find it to be anything a person could want if they’re looking for small.

    I figure it won’t be all that long before there is some aftermarket “juice” for it.

    Already gone the K&N cold air route and really like the 30mpg.

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