IS Coupe will also have a V6

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Or maybe even both V6s.
The 5.0 V8 will be the star of the show, but the smaller V6s will bring in the moolah.

Still scheduled for January 2007.

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  1. Nice. What will be the Caddy CTS coupe’s engines, and what is the expected price of the IS coupe’s V6 and V8?

  2. I hate to be pessimitic, but this coupe will not do well. The butt of the IS is too controversially styled…basically it is ugly. It is too big and out of place. Good luck lexus.

  3. I don’t get it. Almost everyone in the auto industry is now engaging in horsepower war. When will it end? Cadillac CTS 400hp, Audi RS4 420 hp, Mercedes-Benz C63 475hp, Mustang GT500 500hp,… why dun they try to build lighter cars instead of shoehorning big engines: ruin handling, waste brakes and tires, and put everyone in pain with the pumps.

  4. to the guy that said, “good luck Lexus” , ummm, that’s just a sketch/protoype, um, its not the final official pics, ignoramus!

  5. IF the government didn’t mandate that cars protect you from nuclear fallout, then we’d have much lighter cars. Yes.

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