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A Rover with another name. From China.

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  1. exterior looks good, better than the one photo shown previously.
    The interior looks a tiny bit dated, awkard.
    Not as nice looking as the new Amanti coming out, (interior) or the interior of even the Azera(well, maybe on par).

    How much for this thing? If it is 30K, people may take a chance on a “Roewe”.
    If not, who knows?

  2. Its not a photo of the actual car, its a photo of a computer, you can see the mouse pointer in the bottom centre

  3. the rover this car is based on was a good looking car inside and out, and it shared its platform with the last generation 5 series, they seemed to cheapen the interior but it seems to work i guess, the grill is really overdone though

  4. “it shared its platform with the last generation 5 series”

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!! It shares nothing whatsoever with the last generation 5 series. Its FWD, the BMW was RWD. They share nothing! The only BMW component in this car is a strut to hold the trunk up which is from the X5!

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