Lexus IS CC

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Still in the pipeline.
But they are now talking about early 2008…

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  1. With that substantial rear-end camo, I am guessing the rear styling will differ so far from all the illustrations and chops out there.

  2. That’s the best looking luxus, or whatever they are called, that I have ever seen. It doesn’t look like a mercedes ripoff like the rest of the lineup.

  3. lol you are just hating on any auto-maker thats not nissan/infiniti huh? lol wheres your g35 with a cc? i admit the g35 is good looking, but nowhere near the quality and reliability or the sexiness of a lexus (not yet at least) besides all auto-makers copy from somebody so before you talk trash have a little respect and some facts to back it up.

    p.s only lexus i agree that ripped off mercedes was the previous gen GS but now they are much more beautiful than before

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