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  1. This is a cool SUV but it’s still a Ford. I think Ford needs to change their logo because every time I see it I think of low-quality, poorly made autos and that’s a shame since I’ve got an aunt with a silver Ford Thunderbird currently with 179,000 miles on it. At least the warranty is up to speed now but like they said in the movie Tommy Boy, “you just bought yourself a guaranteed piece of shit”. Ford has a long way to go to repair their image. Ford and Mitsubishi suffer the same problem actually: no repeat buyers….once you own one you never want it again.

  2. Agreed. To bad its not engineered in Japan. Only time will tell. Let the Ford-faithful debug it for 5 years.

  3. I completely agree – I own a relatively reliable and comfortable Taurus, but I don’t want another bland, plasticky, generic-feeling Ford product as a future purchase. Btw, I’ve owned a Ford Escort in the past as well, so I’ve been a loyal Ford customer.

  4. You can’t hate on this new model. It looks elegant and early critics reviews are very positive.

    Hopefully this vehicle will go towards revamping fords image which was marred by cars like the taurus being produced way beyond their viable lifespans. Maybe this will replace its legacy.

    I just hope its not too late and I think that it will bea great indicator that if they can’t get this car to sell, they are already too far down the slope to ever recover (at least on their own.)

  5. I’ve only owned Fords my whole life, and they have generally been trouble free and reliable.

    I just think they are missing the boat with what consumers are looking for these days.

    Make product we WANT to buy, and don’t try and tell us what we want. (un-original re-engineerd old platforms)

  6. Fords are for people with low expectations and low self-regard.
    Like for UAW types. Cars by the UAW for the UAW should be Fords motto.

  7. A step up from Fords current designs, but a little to smooth and rounded for my tastes. Bland comes to mind, no real character or lines to stand out in the crowded SUV segment.

  8. just what the world(doesn’t) need: more SUV’s! Roll-Eyes! try doing 70 on curvey back roads with one, Oh how “fun”(roll eyes, again).

  9. And I suppose all of the juvenile arrogant comments are from people here who are driving… well, what? Unless you all own 3-series BMW’S, you can rest assured that you’re not driving anything close to automotive perfection. Enjoy your Camrys, Corollas and Sonatas. Losers.

    This vehicle has received positive reviews in every legit publication. They have, as I, predict it will do very well.

  10. Spoken like a true public school grad.

    As was said “let the Ford-faithful debug it for 5 years”.

    By that time the folks with their loser cars will still have another 10 years to make up their minds.

  11. Just ignore them, they have some juvenille axe to grind. Just remember, not one person on here has actually driven one. Looks wise it certainly seems to be what people are buying. Time will tell if it lives up to expectations.

  12. 30+ years of being ripped-off by Ford/UAW = Juvenille axe to grind.

    I see what you mean. Public school new math.

  13. You people who are trashing this new model just because it’s a ford are full of it. You have been blinded by the media and public perception from 10 years ago. Please remove the scales from you eyes and behold THE FUSION and now THE EDGE……loosers!

  14. Sad state our country is in.For all you pro foriegn car lovers,make sure you teach your kids how to speak chinese and japanese! Because that is what they’re boss will be speaking.Support your own country,we cant even clothe and feed our selves.

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