Mazda CX-9 starts production…

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Just thought I’d let the whole world know….

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  1. Isn’t this car already produced? My Mazda dealer here in Switzerland has it already for a couple of weeks.

  2. haha 3:51. mazda did pull a mercedes!(the ML and GL look almos the same) can’t fault mazda, though. the CX-7 is a pretty good looking vehicle. And it works for people who like the looks of the CX-7 but want more people space.

    Speaking of midsize crossovers, saw a whole truck full of Santa Fes on the way to work today!

  3. I don’t know if this will sell. There is a lot of competition in this price range. This car might have more features than the competition, but there are high end cars in the same price range.

  4. Anonymous3:51 said… Wow…it really looks alot like the CX-7…Chalk one up for lazy designs. ___ SMART, not lazy – they came up with a great design for their CUVs & utilizing a DNA approach is not the same as making every vehicle look identical.

  5. where is this being made? why are the car companies not making more than just one decent looking auto in the states if they expect to rebound sales? no jobs,no buying power from ordinary working people. Rich people tend to purchase foreign vehicles.Most foreign car owners do not keep their cars more than two years, the typical life cycle when vehicles require service or major repair

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