More, and better, pictures of the new Mariner.

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I kind of like the exterior better on these pictures.
It looks nicer and more expensive than before.
(And I think it looks more upscale than the new LR2)

But I’m not really sold on the interior. It just looks a bit cheap to me….

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  1. I think the doors and fender are new.
    But the roof might not be. Same for the windshield.
    Underneath, it’s pretty much the same.
    Same engines too and same old 4 speed auto…

  2. Wow. Yes, much nicer than the early pics we saw.

    Very nice exterior color than meshes well with the wheels and clear lenses. Anybody know its name?

  3. It looks like a decently comprehensive reskin.

    I wonder why Ford is introducing the Mariner ahead of the Escape reskin? Maybe to put the spotlight on Mercury for once?

  4. the old interior looked more upscale this reminds me of the caliber, which looks very cheap, the 2 tone leather wood grain, and silver finish of the old one made it look kinda like lincoln version of the escape

  5. Anonymous said…Very nice exterior color… Anybody know its name? __ think it’s Light Ice Blue Clearcoat. all: Tungsten Grey Clearcoat Metallic, Silver Metallic Clearcoat Metallic, Light Ice Blue Clearcoat, Black Pearl Slate Clearcoat Metallic, Black Clearcoat, Vivid Red Clearcoat Metallic, Oxford White Clearcoat, Kiwi Clearcoat. I think the darker interior(s) will look richer… also Ford has really lame photogs.

  6. This is just stupid. Why Mazda, Volvo, Astin Martin, Land Rovers, Euro Ford and Jaguar are getting all the new models, platforms and technologies, when the biggest and the most profitable market is having all the old & recycled stuffs?

  7. IMO, a missed opportunity by not putting in the new 6 speed auto. As the MKZ shows, the new 6 speed can handle AWD.

    I actually like the design of the interior, but I’ll hold final judgement until I can actually see it in person and get a better feel for the quality of the materials. In the past, Ford has been the leader of the Domestics in interior design and quality, but I think most will agree that GM is taking that title and moving on to actually compete with Japanese interiors.

  8. I hope it didn’t cost too much for that redo…

    I like the new side skirt (or the absence of it…), I would have put a more agressive grille up front and the lights have a high tech look. I wonder how they look at night.

    The dash looks cheap but fords always look better in person. The buttons are all similar which would make me search 1 or 2 seconds too long every time I want to change the temperature or radio station. Some fake wood (Like the one on the F150) would be nice.

    Good change but I wonder if the investment for that change will be profitable.

  9. I’m beginning to think that there would be a tear in existence itself….if any Ford product had an interior/exterior without the Rubbermaid look at feel.

    Whoever they contract for plastics should have been canned and driven out of business long longago.

  10. Vince, will you screen out the Ford employees from the comments? A third of those idiots will lose their jobs soon and have been told by their management to hype Ford. Here is the fact here in MoTown…Frickin Ford and GM has cause a Real Estate crash because they put out non-competitive crap like this. And this is one of their better products, because it is really a Mazda!

  11. In these photos it’s much clearer that many of the lines of the car are exactly the same as before. It’s a mid-model correction, not a full redesign.

  12. Brian,
    This is not a Mazda. The Escape found life as a Taurus platform mate originally…

    Keep the facts stragiht if you’re gonna criticize others…

  13. Look, I am right here in Motown. Don’t try to recreate history chump. The Escape/Mariner are the Ford versions of the Mazda Tribute. So stick it where the sun don’t shine! Your Ford severance pay won’t even put a dent in the money you will lose on your SE Michigan home when you go to sell it. Happy forced “retirement”!

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