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  1. Nice pics. Dude, the ads are killing this site, put them on the sides to maintain the flow of the site. You can probably fit more on that way and they will be less obtrusive and easier to read.

  2. Probably makes no difference what the Auris looks like because it’s not likely to come to the U.S. The next Corolla will be a notchback sedan just like all the other Corollas sold here.

    The RAV4 and 2 door hatchback Yaris are probably all of that body type Toyota will sell here unless the market for hatchbacks increases substantially. Hatchbacks haven’t been strong sellers in the U.S. as they are in Europe and Asia.

  3. Eh, its okay, too bland. What’s up with that shifter? They need to make them go back to the floor, and not the dash.

  4. Hatchbakcs are selling, in different guises: crossovers do NOT have trunks, SUV’s do not, the tC(80-90,000 should be sold this year alone, 3 door)does not, the Tiburon, Eclipse,Accent 3 door,
    Kia rio 5 door, Reno, SX-4, all of those, are TECHINICALLY hatches, so who’s to say they aren’t selling?

    Anyhow, by the time Toyota brings out the Corolla, Aurius, whatever. it’ll be OLD NEWS, becasue we’ll have seen a million photos of it by the time of release, it’ll be as if it were already out for 1-2 years.
    Just like the Elantra, 07 model. Not bad, but it was on the net for sooooo long, by the time it hit hte showrooms this month, it was a big Yaaaaaaawn.
    Why can’t they just show stuff say in Jan, Feb, or April, in USA, right before release?
    They say”well we need to judge the concepts by showgoers reactions”, I don’t buy that…why?
    The Airflight, by Chrysler in 03, was Hot, and Chrysler KNEW this, but what did they give us? Sebring, makes me wanna wretch right now thinking of it!
    So, just build whatever yer gonna shovel down our throats, show it at one of the 3 major autoshows in USA, in the Winter/Spring… and be done with it, and release the stuff 2-3 months later.
    All o these picutres do is make it look common by the release date, and not many people care by then.

  5. Only 1 word comes to mind when you hear the name Corolla, ‘BORING’! If Toyota doesn’t come up with something totally different for the nameplate this time around, I would bet my bottom dollar that the Corolla will finally bite the dust just like the once popular Ford Taurus has! It certainly is a make or break situation this time around!

  6. Did anyone else notice that this car has been featured in a TV series, the way that Yaris was on MadTV? I wonder what it means for likelihood of a US intro. It was a 5door Toyota wagon with similar “new look” styling. …Testing the demographic here?

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