More illustrations of the next C Class.

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  1. That interior is Hideous with a capital H.

    A plastic, button fest. Are all Mercedes doomed to be like this?

  2. Agreed with the interior design. Looks like something out of a GM parts bin. I guess one could shag carpet the dash and hang fuzzy dice from the rear view. Retro is back. MB is just taking the lead.

    (Hey… MB has to keep their labor union “employees” in beer, Brats, lottery tickets, Viagra, Diabetes medication as well.)

  3. I think the interior is refreshing clean and straight-foward (with the exception of those tiny buttons). The exterior is just so-so, but nothing offensive.

  4. Steering wheel design is worse than new Honda and Hyundai; buttons are directly coming from Euro Ford; plastic covers for SAT-NAVI are Nissan’s standard. Where is the breakthrough of S-Class? down in the toilet?

  5. Is shiny plastic THAT expensive??? I mean… I can buy a coffee maker with nice shiny plastic for 20 bucks.

    Come on…

    Fake wood made of plastic must not be that expensive… fake aluminium also.

    The exterior is awsome on these pictures.

  6. I remember riding in my first MB back in the late eighties (it was an S-class) and how special it was. This C-class gives special a whole new meaining… =(

  7. Wow, tough crowd here. I wonder how many of these critics could actually afford a Mercedes. I can’t, but then I like the interior. Maybe they’re making it for people who can afford one.

  8. No No No
    Taste is not relative to your being able to afford one or not.
    I was actually looking at a 2003 mercedes C class and a 2004 CLK class interior the other day(center console looks almost identical in both) and I was awestruck by how uninspired and cheap it looked. Fortunately, for the 2005 model year, mercedes changed the center console for something a little more upscale, but behold, they repeat the same mistake for the upcoming model. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP & Ugly

    Furthermore, I totally agree with the previous statement that “ooh” feeling that one used to get when sitting in a mercedes has simply been lost over the last 10 years. Mercedes has been unfairly thriving on the image created during its glory days, and aside from the three-pointed star, it seems to blend into the scenery like every other car.

    Such a shame…

  9. 10:38 AM
    Anonymous said…

    No No No
    Taste is not relative to your being able to afford one or not.

    That’s not what I meant. When I said “Maybe they’re making it for people who can afford one,” I meant they’re likely designing it for typical Merc buyers, i.e., people who can afford one.

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