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  1. As far as I know, BMW is making money from every one of them. Funny thing is that BMW never had a successful sport car or pure super car.

  2. I see hope once again over at BMW! This is gorgeous, and it’s a hardtop so you can enjoy the best of both worlds…

    I wonder how the trunk space it though?

  3. MKK…BMW never had a successful sports car? What do you call the M3 a failure or not a sports car? Yes it can carry more than 2 people but it spanks most anything in its class and has the best resale value of anything in its class…and it always looks good…very good. An E36 M3 is still gorgeus after a decade.

    Anyway…another perfect 10 by BMW. The previous gen (E46) is holding steady value wise, even doing better against such competitors as the A4 cab.

  4. BMW never made a sports car….wtf!?!
    So al those things with the m badge are just normal cars now. The V10 M5 and M6, the BMW M roadster, the previous m5s have been the benchmarks for years. The m3 as stated above and evil CSL versions…..nah they’re not sports cars…..
    in the 70s BMW did have ago at the supercar but not succesfully with the M1. Please, think before posting…

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