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It does look pretty nice.
About the size of an Explorer, with a 3.8 Liter V6.
A car based SUV. Just what people actually want….

On a side note.
Is it really worth it to offer a sunroof if you make it that small???

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  1. WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME!!! I knew honda would finally come to their senses and fix that FUGLY front end on the new CR-V!!! Now that’s more like it!!! Who said the new CR-V wouldn’t offer a GUTSY V-6 Engine??? Our demands have been rectified!!! We’ll just have to but our new SUV at the other dealer down the street that also begins with the letter’H’!!!

  2. Oh gee. How revolutionary! It’ll be so nice to see another single individual driving this gas hog to the mall. Give it a Hemi for Chrissake!

    God help us.

  3. in the second pic the headlights look almost exactly like a pontiac vibe’s! (which isn’t a bad thing).

  4. What is it with Asian trucks and that weird curving D-pillar/rear side window design? It seems to be showing up on every one they introduce. Did they run out of original ideas already, or are they just going to copy eachother?

  5. Actually, looks fairly good for Hyundai’s first steps it the near-luxury market. There is just only so much you can do with the design parameters of a 2 box SUV shape. It has it own unique exterior design, while the interior look like a korean version of the RX. As long as it has the NAV option and it priced around 30-35K, Hyundai should have another hit on their hands.

  6. If they(all makers) never made another 15-20 MPG truck, SUV, LUV, ABC, whatever… that’d be great!
    Wish Americans would drive stuff like over seas, except the really weird styled cars, lol.

  7. that roof is pretty tiny.

    the mdx is not this, that is way hotter fags, if your gonna say it copied get it right, its a copy of the rx330

  8. What kind of comment is that seriously? The Acura MDX was under development and so was the Veracruz and initial design was set for the Veracruz in 2004. Think before you post.

  9. How many people are actually going to shell out 35k for a Hyundai? This is not a bad car, but how many people are willing to take it over Chevrolet, Toyota, and Acura to do it?

  10. Great design, good engine too (according to comments I read), luxurious interior…

    It seems very promising. I just hope it has a relatively decent fuel consumption…for the category (I know I’m dreaming in colours…)

    I might be the only one that sees a lot of Nissan and Infiniti in the interior…especially in this orange colour… especially the center portion of the dash.

  11. LOL. So far it looks like the new CRV (not even released yet, so no way for copy), Tribeca, MDX, Cayenne, and rx 350. So does that mean these cars copied each other as well? Haha, give me a break.

    I think this car is stylish, exterior and interior. It is supposed to be a Luxury like the AZERA is. I’m sure this car will have the highest satisfaction rates amoung buyers as previous Hyundai owners have noted.

  12. “This is not a bad car, but how many people are willing to take it over Chevrolet, Toyota, and Acura to do it?”

    Over a Toyota and Acura, I’m not sure.
    But over a Chevy?? I bet many have already.

  13. Vince, this is probably not the place for this blog but which is Honda in japan has just released their version of the new CR-V! There is a WONDERFUL LOOKING version called the Modulo: ‘URBAN STYLE PACKAGE’ with a totally different Front and Rear End, with new top, middle and lower front Grilles and revised Bumpers front and rear! If Honda was smart they would import this version for North America and call it the Si! They would sell 100% more of these with this SPORTY NEW UPGRADE! Let’s hope someone at Honda is paying attention and reads this!!! I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these BEAUTIES!!!!!

  14. Vince, if you can’t post this website, then maybe you could go check out the new CR-V from japan with the ‘Urban Style Package’. Just wait til you see all the little cars line up and click on the silver CR-V on the right side second from the top. When the next screen comes up click on the block on the right side 3rd from the top. then click on the Urban Style Package block on the right side. the pictures are small, but if you enlarge them you will see that the top grille is new and improved (looks almost like the 2002-2004 grille), the middle grille lost those 3 ugly horizontal plastic strips and the bumper is much more aggressive and sporty looking. The rear bumper is also new and void of those ugly 4 warts! If you could get the word out and post some of these pictures maybe someone at Honda will realize the potential this version would have if brought to the U.S. perhaps as an Si sports version! Please do what you can cause you’re the man!!!!! Thanks for all the great postings!!!!

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