Mugen CRV

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Japanese tuners already at work.

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  1. This thing is even uglier than the base CRV. I especially love the tacked-on window vents. Looks like it was designed by Pep Boys. I’m sure it will have impressive performance though. Hondas are good that way.

  2. That’s stupid. Spending 26k on a car and then MOD it with another 5k to make it looks more “sporty” and “cool”. Go buy a real sport car plz.

  3. I already have a 2007 CRV EX-AWD Whistler Silver Metallic and I already got the windows tinted and also added the fogs (looks great already) the only thing I would get from the Mugen might be the front grill. Nothing else.
    The CRV is a very nice family car and I love everything about it but, it is not a racing car.

    EL Guapo

  4. actually, aside from those horrible-looking, tacked-on auxilary foglights, the front end is an improvement over the stock crv for me. not that i like it…

    the rogue post wasjust a drawing. and we all know that the actual product is so watered down form those sketches that they barely resemble each other.

  5. Man I wish they would do something different with the front end of this thing. Perhaps fire all the “Stylists” that graduated from the Pokemon School of Design would be a good start.

  6. Forget the ugly front end…(if you can)

    Why put the exhaust outlet in the center rear? No hitch now either?

    Granted it can’t tow much, but isn’t that taking what UTILITY is left in this SUV and making it just a tall car?

    Maybe I can take my hitch bike rack and put it on the front to cover up that hideous thing!

  7. Vince, there is a better looking version of the new CR-V available in Japan that costs thousands less than the Mugen CR-V. They have a package option called the ‘Urban Style Package’ which includes newly revised front and rear smooth style bumpers(without those 4 ugly warts),an improved upper grille with a single lower chrome accent and most importantly a blackened out middle air intake without the highlighted ‘smile’ and ugly plastic chrome horizontal fins. This version will probably be available in the U.S. when Honda does a mid-model refreshening in 2010.

  8. Not sure what I like less the shield on the MDX or the “pokemon” (that was funny and accurate) front of this thing

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