New Altima coupe picture

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Looks like the real thing to me.

And by the way, thanks to the insiders about all the news on the car.
So I guess a convertible is definitely out?

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  1. Daddy likes!

    Didn’t the spyking say that the convertible would be out 18 months after the release of the coupe? I’ve been visiting this site for a couple of years now and he’s usually been pretty spot on with his information.

  2. this is looking good.. and doesn’t look like the eclipse at all, has more straight angles, that eclipse looks like someone stepped on the clay mold! hahaha..

    but this altima coupe! wow, good job Nissan! me likey!

  3. Not bad…I am impressed with how Nissan has brought the Altima to the level of the Accord and Camry, sizewise and popularity wise. Let’s hope this “Alticoupe” will be another Accord coupe success and not a Solara waste. An SE-R version will be nice, pushing 300hp.

  4. sooo UGLY!

    what is wrong with nissan? it’s so boring, and pieced together.

    did ghosn ban new ideas or something to save costs?

  5. wow, i was looking at the 350z, honda accord, and g35, guess i’ll add this to the shopping list as wel!

    good job vince, you definitly get the exclusives, unlike, mr. ed munds lol

  6. Will this be marketed like the old 240sx se?
    Nissan needs more of that audience and also not to take away from the 350z people

  7. I know Nissan’s international lineup inside and out and they have NOTHING like this in Japan or anywhere else. The Altima is unique to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Saudi Arabia (and maybe a few other mideastern countries.)

    Japan, New Zealand, Australia has the Bluebird Sylphy or the Teana (Australian Maxima) which are close cousins of the Altima and it looks quite different.

  8. FAKE! If you look closely, it is wearing the 4-lug SE-R Spec-V wheels… Altima’s including 4-bangers all have 5-Lug Wheels

  9. Good catch;
    I do hope the coupe will look different to this as well, maybe a bit more inspired.
    Looks a lot like a G35 to me at the moment…

  10. Fake? most likely, I just don’t think that there are many ppl who would buy a Nissan coupe but shy away from 350z for virtually no price differences. But i do believe that a mini roadster or sport car is under consideration for Peoguet and Renault alike, but they don’t even come close at this point.

  11. If I really wanted a G35 and save a few thousand to boot, rather than buy what is nothing more than a FWD, for-Nissan-only rehashed G35 clone (what the hell happened to Nissan design?), I’d buy a pre-owned G35 instead.

  12. even if it is photochopped. I still think it looks good regardless of if it’s fake or not! looks great!

  13. So…SPYKING…any comment about this being fake? You seem very confident that this is real…where you at now?

  14. I am right here enjoying all of the speculation and I wonder why people like you are such doubters. Enjoy the accurate “free” insider info. that I give you and accept it , as always has been proven, as 100% accurate. YES, this is exactly the car! enjoy!

  15. Anonymous said…
    FAKE! If you look closely, it is wearing the 4-lug SE-R Spec-V wheels… Altima’s including 4-bangers all have 5-Lug Wheels

    Good observation…however the earlier pictures have different wheels on them, and I think Spyking might know what he is talking about. It seems Nissan is going after Honda/Toyota big time, and with the void the ugly Solara is leaving, I think Nissan might get a decent share of the sedan derived coupe market. It better be sharp though, because my sources tell me the next Accord coupe will be banging! Think Acura level creature comforts (thanks to Toyota really kicking it up a notch with the new Camry) with performance better than the current 350Z. If you don’t believe, consider the current Accord coupe does 0-60 in 5.9 secs, same time as the 350Z.

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