New Honda “something”???

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Looks to me like the next Pilot.
That would make sense since the new Acura MDX just came out.

I guess they’re going for really square this time…

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  1. If Honda keeps the base price down on the new 2008 Pilot it will sell more units than ever before, only if the style remains true to the SUV segment and not the wimpy looks of the crossover generation! I will wait til the fall of 07 to see which direction the Pilot will take! Honda has already lost Thousands of customers with the new CR-V! Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice!

  2. Where do you come up with the nonsense that Honda is losing thousands of customers on the new CRV? Of the 40+ that were delivered to our dealership we only have 5 left. I hope the next Pilot is as ‘unsuccessful’ as the new CRV.

  3. Vince, I smell a car salesman somewhere on this blog! They always experience p.m.s. and get very defensive when you state the facts about the models that they sell! The way most of them act, you would think they are responsible for the design and the manufacturing of the products they sell! Don’t they realize that it’s not their fault for the poorly designed products they are sometimes forced to sell?

  4. I totally agree with the blogger who stated that Honda will loose thousands of customers on the new CR-V! Back in 97, I was only 14 years old but me and my friends all were infatuated with the cool looks of the, then new to market, Honda CR-V! We all grew up in Southern California and that awesome little SUV fit right in along the beaches! It was a guy thing and it beat the crap out of the Toyota RAV-4, which was a wimpy girl’s platform! We called the Toyota the ‘Boot’ or ‘SHOE’ referring to it’s girlish side looks, and also what girl’s like to shop for! When the 2nd generation CR-V came out it took a while for us to adjust to it, but it too had all the basics of what a small SUV for men should have! I am now 23 years old and all of my many dozens of friends are basically the same age as myself. All of us totally agree that we have lost that rad little SUV that could when Honda changed it into something that never should have happened! We will all hold on to our 1st generation CR-V’s, 16 in all between us, for as long as we can! Maybe someday when we are all over the hill, Honda will release a Retro Verson of the CR-V, similar to the one we all know so well and love!!!

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