new pictures of the Hyundai Veracruz

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  1. Front and side looks AWESOME.

    The rear lights are a little weird. They might be nicer in person.

    I heard this car is going to be as luxurious as the Azera.

  2. Well, this “swoopy” styling seems ot be a new direction for Hyundai.
    Looking at Azera, they sort-of have this side profile” swoopy” line. Samef or the new Elantra. That weird curvey side-line from the front to back….

    it looks tolerable on the Elantra, and Azera is not quite so “curvy/swoopy”, but gneneral idea.

    Guess the odd front end throws it off, for me, anyways.

    it’s ok. It’s different, but so is the Scion xB.

  3. Vince whats up with that sort-of upside down toyota grill. The rest looks ok. Hyundai was starting get their own look they should stick with that and not try to look like others.

  4. Pretty stylish…
    I like the wave going on the side (as on the new elantra)

    A bit too big for my taste but good looking anyway.

  5. That is the fugliest vehicle I’ve ever seen. It’s even worse than the Ssangyong Rodius! Whoever designed that POS should be shot!

    At least the 2007 Ford Mondeo looks better than that.

  6. Well at least you can’t say that they outright imitated any competitor’s styling with this model. It definitely looks awkward, like a genuine Korean car usually does.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Hyundai due to their new Sonata, Santa Fe, and the Azera. But this is really unacceptable from a company trying to improve, it is a step backwards.

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