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  1. Like most M-B fans I’ve been complaining over the past few years about crappy interior designs and executions. The current C, CLK and E class are horrible for their price categories. The new S, M, SLK and A classes (I live in Europe) are great in my opinion though. I hoped that Mercedes would once again return to the simply shapes of the 70’s and 80’s and now it seems like they are. My next car will not be another Audi.

  2. I saw another closer-up shot of the interior, and it is exactly like the chops, tons of cheap plastic buttons. I honestly think that the interior on the Roewe is better. However, most people are too biased against Asian cars (and influenced by Mercedes) to admit it. (no im not Chinese)

  3. As Mercedes cars look nicer after a period of neglect, Chrysler’s going into the shit hole. There’s rumours that Daimler might sell off Chrysler now that it’s doing poorly again.

  4. Sometime it seems like this place is full of children. None of you can make anything of these grainy pictures. Kids, you’re not fooling anyone. So stop ranting.

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