next Nissan X Trail interior

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Interior, that’s right.
I have nothing on the exterior yet.
Except it will be very square. More so than any current Nissan truck.

Is it weird to have an interior pic and nothing on the exterior?
Yes it is…

So the X Trail lives after all. We might even get it here. Why not…

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  1. Vince, do you have any idea about other pictures
    or when this baby is coming to the states?
    I guess the Quasi(not sure of spelling) won’t make it here after all if the X-trail sails off to here.
    The dial that is just north of the stick looks like
    it might control the AWD system, very cool.

  2. You do have exterior photos and have posted them already. It’s the Quashqai. Yes, I know because I am the king. I have never steered you wrong!

  3. This is NOT the Quashqai.
    Check the pics!

    And, no, the Quasqai is not the new Xtrail.
    Quasqai is all new and car based.
    The X trail is more of a truck.
    Like the Murano and the Pathfinder.
    That’s why the next Xtrail will look more like the Pathfinder…

  4. Wrong Vince! the current x-trail is car based and the next one is also. Here’s how it goes, and rememer, I’m never wrong. Murano and X-trail are the “2” car based SUV’s and the X-Terra and Pathfinder are the “2” truck based. That’s it! The Quashqai “IS”the nw x-trail

  5. This one does not have gauges at the centre-console (as the current). I Think that way looked much better, just like the Yaris.
    On the other hand…. I hope this one does not have plastic fender, just as the current one.

  6. Nissan Spyking,

    You claim that Quashqai is the new X-trail… in the NA market, how will it compete bigger sized compact SUV/Crossover like CRV and RAV4… Or Nissan going to develop another compact SUV/Crossover for NA?

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. There is no way the Qashqai will be sold in the U.S. as is. It’s way too small, much smaller then RAV 4 and CR-V, in fact it’s barely larger then the Versa. If Nissan wants to compete agaisnt those two in the U.S. market and I know it does, then it’s gonna hafta come up with something bigger then Qashqai or the X-Trail.

    With that said, this picture is defiantly not the Qashqai, as the interior layout is different. Vince is correct in that regard. However, Spyking is correct in that the X-Trail is car based (as is the Murano), I believe it used a form of the Primera platform. So now, it’s believed that the Qashqai is replacing the X-Trail as the new small car based SUV in markets outside of N.A. correct? (the “X-Trail lives” remark) Thus this leaves only one conclusion… this interior shot is of the new compact SUV that will be coming to the states, but under an as yet unknown name… or perhaps it will be called X-Trail here afterall?

    Then again, what do I know, I’m just giving educated an guess here.

  8. im sure i will be the only person that feels this way, buy why do some of the new nissan interiors look like gm cars. the dashboad, and radio button placement look just like that of a hhr, or impala, with that big center knob, the little chrome pieces, and the hvac round knobs, they look identical, the new altima also has this same gm look

  9. I agree anon, Nissan interiors are weak, and the exteriors have been declining as of late. We can’t expect the Nissan quality and reliability of 10 years ago (think Pathfinder, Maxima), because now Nissan is co-developed with a European company, and quality is not a priority.

  10. Number’s don’t lie, Qashqai and X-Trail are both smaller then CR-V and RAV-4….

    2007 Qashqai
    Length: 169.7
    Width: 70.1
    Height: 63.4

    2006 X-Trail
    Length: 175.4
    Width: 69.5
    Height: 65.9

    2007 CR-V
    Length: 177.9
    Width: 71.6
    Height: 66.1

    2007 RAV-4
    Length: 181.1 (with spare tire cover)
    Width: 71.5
    Height: 66.3

    And to prove Qashqai is barely larger then Versa here are those numbers…

    2007 Versa
    Length: 169.1 Hatchback
    Width: 66.7
    Height: 60.4

  11. The previous RAV4 was only 166 inches long while the Corolla is 178 inches
    So the RAV4 was even shorter than the new Nissan.

    The Versa and Quashqai just aren’t in the same market.
    If the 166 inches RAV4 sold well in the US I don’t think it would be a problem for an even larger Nissan model….

  12. “Vince Burlapp said…
    The previous RAV4 was only 166 inches long while the Corolla is 178 inches
    So the RAV4 was even shorter than the new Nissan.”

    Yes, but Vince, you are comparing old with new.
    Consumer’s aren’t gonna look at the Nissan and say, oh hey it’s bigger then the old RAV-4 thats great! Oh no… Instead consumers are gonna look at it and say, gee this thing isn’t very big compared to the current (new) RAV-4 and it’s not even as big as the new CR-V. Hmmm oh hey look what’s that thing? A Versa? Well that’s only a bit smaller then this Qashqai thing! I’m not in the market for one of those though, I want a truck type vehicle. Looks like I’ll hafta check out the Toyota dealer down the street and get me a RAV-4.

    This is exactly what Nissan DOESN’T want happening, thus why I think whatever it is that’s released in the states has got to be at least as large as the new CR-V. I’m guessing most likely it’ll fall in size between CR-V and RAV-4.

  13. Perhaps they ditched the interior for the Qashqai and started it over?

    Nah, that’s not too likely. Maybe the Qashqai is only for Europe and the X-Trail is for NA. Or even the other way around??!!


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