Next Toyota Sequoia testing

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  1. I want one… but diesel. I prefer it over the Prius, lol. And yes haters, we know Toyota makes trucks, not only hybrids.

  2. Hey Vince,

    With all the billions Toyota makes, this is the 3rd pre-production model running around with cardboard.

    I have an idea for a company that makes fake plastic body panels for any motor companie’s pre-production models…

    I bet I could make a lot of money!


  3. For every new Sequoia sold, Toyota will donate $1,000 to Greenpeace. The new Sequoia will also get 40 MPG thanks to Toyota’s Green Jeans technology. No other manufacturer cares about the environment this much. Toyota will save us all from global warming and peak oil.

  4. I bet Toyota is confused now. Can’t resist the fat profit that SUV and trucks made, yet don’t know if the market is on the way out or rebound. I am not sure if this one is new or just facelift

  5. The front bumper vents look more Landcruiser/ LX470-esque which is an enormously popular vehicle around the world. There is plenty of reason to disguise this vehicle you idiots.

  6. Whats wrong with Cardboard, its a sustainable source, once they are done with it they can either re-use it or recycle it, its also cheap and i guess easy to get. Unlike like black tape, once thats used u bin it and may be recyclable.

    I guess thats y Toyota have sooo much money, they now how to save it.

    Being an engineer myself (Civil though), as an engineer we all try to thing of ways to be sustainable.

    And honestly the cardboard does a great job covering up the car unlike black tape.

  7. What? You mean Toyota makes Large gas guzzleing Full Sized Esuvees? I’m shocked! I thought all they made was Prius’.Wait till the press finds out! Imagine that! Throw Blood on it!!!!

  8. The new Sequoia will also get 40 MPG thanks to Toyota’s Green Jeans technology.

    I’ll take it that doesn’t mean hybrid. What is Green Jeans? Sounds pretty good if it will make this mongo thing get 40 mpg!

  9. i dont believe that 40mpg the prius in the real world doesnt get the epa estimates i doubt a car that normally is a gas guzzler will be able to get 40mpg with a new generation. and for all those for whatever reason thought toyota only made fuel effiecient cars get your out of the hole, they make gas guzzlers toyota isnt the “god” of the automotive industry lol, they are trying to make money to. but all you hear about is escalades and navigators when the land cruisers, lx470, and sequioa have been getting the same gas mileage as those cars for years now….

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