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I hear it could be on sale next spring….

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  1. What a second Vince, what is the difference between this car and the Infiniti G35? Is this just a trimmed down version for Nissan or a completely new car altogether?

  2. It might look like the G35 coupe, but the 2 cars aren’t related at all.

    The Altima is a FWD car that starts in the low 20’s.
    About $10 000 less than the G35.
    So this coupe should be much more popular.
    And it uses the same V6 (with a little bit less power)

    They were talking about a convertible for a while.
    But now it seems the G35 coupe might be the one getting a convertible version. To compete with the upcoming Lexus IS CC.

    I also wish they made an Altima convertible.
    I love convertibles, and the Solara could use some competition…

  3. Wow. The G35 coupe is just GORGEOUS. But a lower priced one with similar styling from the same company sure does give me two reasons to shop Nissan.

    Hello…Ford? You listening to any of us? (maybe I’m a little bitter still)

  4. personal experience with Nissans(and a reason, MAYBE, why their sales have tanked this year, vs about all other import brands):
    1990 sentra, xe, 3 speed automatic.
    Traded in @ 233,000+ miles, after 9 years.
    Issues: 7000 miles, Died. Problem? timing was off, and burnt up the plugs. fixed under 1yr/12,000 mile warranty.
    9000 miles: Door trim falling off, stereo died. Re-gluded door trim, stereo replaced, under warranty.
    Only other issue, at 80,000, needed new CV Boots(Boots were torn..never happened to me on any car we owned before or after).

    In general: a decent car, for the time period in which it was purchased.
    1997 200sx, automatic(2 door Sentra).”base” model.
    lated 66,000+ before trade in. Lasted 4 years.
    All was fine, except at 64,000-66,000 kept stalling(after I got a 60K tune up, yet).
    Car died, left me stranded at work.
    Issues: timing chain jumped a notch on timing gear, due to timing gear had chipped tooth.
    This caused hesitation for a short period of time, then completely died.
    Needed: rebuilt starter, ignition coil,new plugs,timing chain,timing gear.
    After this, it kept acting up, needing to be checked every few weeks,etc…it wa a headache.
    2nd worst car we ever owned(outside of a 1987 “Chevy “Spectrum/Isuzu I-mark).
    I have read numerous recalls(on Altima and Sentras) recently, that say there are STILL stalling issues.
    Wow…. wonder why I won’t ever buy a Nissan again(and may be why, as others MAY have discovered, like I did in 2000, Nissans don;t hold up exceedingly well, unless maybe you pay 30-40K for one? I dunno).
    Maybe I just happened to pick the only 2 that stalled, one in South Carolina, one in the Midwest?
    Maybe Someone else will build a 2(make it 3 door) larger coupe soon? If not, there’s always other cars(Eclipse, Tiburon,and even the smaller tC).
    take care/not offense.

  5. Vince,
    The Solara is dead, confirmed. INstead Toyota is preparing a “Celica Supra”…yes going back to their roots. The car is supposed to rival the 350Z.

    This Altima coupe looks nice…very good gouge Vince did not see this one coming. Looks too much like the 350Z/G35 though…there needs to be more differentiation.

    Anyway, Honda needs to spank Nissan with the next Accord coupe, and S2000 replacement, since Nissan is tipping its hands by leaking this photo. Honda also needs a Maxima/Avalon fighter really bad.

    Now if Ford can get its shit together and bless Mazda with an MX-6, we will once again have a decent set of Japanese 2dr 4 seater coupes.

    Subaru and VW are you awake? Remember the 2 door Jetta and the SVX? Maybe Hyundai/Kia might jump on this bandwagon. A Galant based coupe wouldn’t be bad either with the Eclipse moving more upmarket to challenge the 350Z and its likes.

  6. I think if Nissan ever intends to compete with the Solara, they need to come out with a coupe convertible. Once I first laid eyes on the pictures of the 4th generation Altima sedan, I knew it had lots of potential for a convertible version. It seemed to be molded in such a way that a convertible wouldn’t be out of the question.

  7. Well, the Solara will be gone after the 2008 model. But I heard from some Toyota people the car that will “replace” it will still be based on the Camry.
    That would rule out a Supra.

    My guess is an all new Hardtop Coupe/Convertible.
    With a new name…

  8. If this is so much more affordable it’ll kill G35-coupe sales… UNLESS that gets a radical restyling. ___ Vince will the ‘Alticoupe’ have better rear passenger room??

  9. Great idea, but it looks too much like the Infiniti G35. Why not give the Altima coupe an original look, rather than warmed over styling. Lazy and unimaginative. Let’s hope Nissan puts more effort in the quality.

  10. So Nissan is getting into the midsize coupe business after Toyota announces they’re replacing the Solara with another crossover and Honda is mulling whether to kill the Accord coupe or not. Interesting timing.

  11. “Also, will this be marketed like the old 240sx?”

    Based on the Altima coupes’ unoriginal G35-looking design, Nissan should have just made it look like the old 240sx.

  12. Toyota sloris or whatever it was called was a soft weak, toyota designed mistake. The Altima coupe will be, as you can see, a clear winner. Nissan has the coupe concept perfect, as seen in the G35 coupe. A Sentra coupe will also be out to eat up that civic coupy, girly, thingy. This Altima will also come as a convertible, 18 months after this car hits hard!!!!

  13. i’m a g35 owner.. and i must say.. i am pissed how they have to make a similar style to the G.. i just hope they don’t have similar taillights

  14. some of you guys are real bone heads. Why would Nissan market the Altima Coupe as a 240?? They are two completely different cars. This car is a baby G35 with a price much less than a G. It’s front wheel drive and drives like a bat out of hell. You guys are going to be blown away by this car. Wait and see. and NO it’s not a new Z. Pull your head out of yoru a*s.

  15. Some of you guys are real freaking bone heads. NO it’s a not a new Z. No it’s not a 240. It’s a baby G35 and it’s priced that way. It’s not competing with the Z or the G. Those are true sports cars while this is a 6 cyl. with fr wheel drive. The car drives like a bat out of hell and has and awesome feel to it. You guys are going to be blown away. Just do me a favor and get your head out of your a*s.

  16. Are you sure this isn’t the facelifted Nissan Skyline coupe? Would make sense that this will then be the facelifted G35 coupe since the sedan was recently updated.

  17. Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second, did I just read what I think I did??? Spyking, you say a Sentra coupe is coming as well??? So then, Nissan is gonna build the Azeal afterall…. interesting, if it’s true. What are the chances of a 2-door Versa (Sport Compact) coming then? While I’m at it, I might as well ask, any more info about the Rogue??? As for the Altima coupe, it looks like a winner to me. Good job on getting credit once again over on Autoblog Vince.

  18. Well, this is ok. beats more SUV/Crossover/truck stuff.
    Now, will it be Enough to “save” Nissan’s year of disgrace, fall of sales in USA?
    I dunno.
    If Hyundai, for example, brings out that RWD Tibby(rumored to start at 23-25K, around 250-300HP V6…) Ummmm….and it looks good,too….Nissan will be forced to deliver even more, for similar pricing,lol.

  19. Andrew said:

    Honda also needs a Maxima/Avalon fighter really bad.

    Honda will have a Maxima/Avalon fighter called the Inspire but it will not debut for a few years yet.

  20. Even Though I would not buy another Nissan myself, if more Coupe/3 door style comes over here, due to their attempts with this Altima, etc, I’m all for it.
    Why, you may ask?
    Well, it’s simple. If Nissan is successful, then others will follow.
    As of now, the “most” successful 3 door is the tC(that I know of) that does not cost an arm & leg.

    I’d like to see other companies(besides Scion/Toyota and perhaps Nissan) bring out stuff/coupes/3 doors( Civic is ok, but overpriced for what you get, for the “coupe”…should have, at least, kept it a hatchback).

  21. You know what… it does look like a Japanese market Skyline Coupe. It has all the exact same lines as a skyline…

  22. Make it rear wheel drive, PLEASE!
    I loved my 92 240SX and would like another small RWD sports car that is reasonably priced.
    The improved G35 coupe(coming soon)is nice but is a little over my spending limit.

  23. I hate Japanese cars, but even I have to give it to them on this one… that’s a great looking car, and at the price of an Altima… very good move on their part if they do it.

  24. Make it rear wheel drive, PLEASE!
    I loved my 92 240SX and would like another small RWD sports car that is reasonably priced.
    The improved G35 coupe(coming soon)is nice but is a little over my spending limit.

  25. This will never be RWD.
    That’s pretty much the main difference between Nissan and Infiniti.

    But it can still be a great car…

  26. Yes my dear friends, the azeal is 98% the new sentra coupe. google azeal and see it. vince , you are running a great site, you know your stuff. love to see all the reaction on this altima coupe, i would hardly say there is no interest in coupes. Korean cars are dangerous.

  27. i think this altima coupe is going to be a hot seller. also with this coupe the could bring back the SE-R badge with that shape and and add 10 more hp which bring it to 280hp this car has potenial to be bad a*s is the tuner market.

    as for it lookin similar to the g35c, if you look at the azeal concept it has the same shaped c pillar but the back of the car has its own form plus tail lights are different. if you look at there sedans they all have a certain nissan shape. so one if you shave all the badges off you know its a nissan. nissan is going to have 4 sedans ( versa, sentra, altima, maxima) 4 coupes ( sentra, altima, Z, skyline) 3 suvs 2 cross-overs and 2 pickups. and i think the rampage will be a cross over to compete with the cx-7 and or the srt-4.

  28. Nissan Spyking said…
    Yes my dear friends, the azeal is 98% the new sentra coupe. google azeal and see it. vince , you are running a great site, you know your stuff. love to see all the reaction on this altima coupe, i would hardly say there is no interest in coupes. Korean cars are dangerous.

    8:20 AM

    Ummm, Korean cars are dangerous? WT%^&* are you talking about?
    (BTW< if it is a Negative Thing, PLEASE PARAOVIDE FACTUAL INFO proving your comments, cool?). I may never buy one, but dangerous? As how?
    As in to Japanese LOSING market share(like Nissan) To Hyundai/Kia, LOL.

  29. convertible avail, 100%, 18 months after arrival of coupe. Designed from ground up to be a convertible. it will have a slight weight increase. All convertibles will be se-r models with punched out v-6 carrying 289 ponies. Enjoy!Oh, ya, sentra coupe (Azeal concept) will for certain have an se-r model with, get this, turbo-charger. final #’s not out, but coming in at 272 – 281 H.P.!!!Wow! Brembos at all corners, 6-speed only, and 1 colour only!

  30. Vince: extended warranties: I called the 800-nissan-1 number just a few minutes ago, and a customer service rep(warranty, number 4 ,on the phone)……
    and she said”we do NOT offer an extended warranty, through Nissan/dealerships, for the drivetrain, but that they do offer exteneded warranty on 1,500 parts of the vehicles” HUNH!>!?
    No extended warranty available for engine/trannY!?!?!/!

    if that’s the case, I won’t even look at a nissan ever again.
    Not with the issues I had(see previous post about the 90 sentra, 97 200sx…a 2door sentra, basically).

  31. When did this become a blog to post our past car’s detailed history of problems?

    Just say you had a bad experience for heaven’s sake.

  32. Nissan Spyking you are crazy. You have absolutely NO idea what your talking about and wishing that that the Sentra SE-R will have a turbo charger will happen about as quick as the Altima Coupe will have a convertible. Nice try though.

  33. Thank you for the encouraging words, but you will humiliate yourself if you take the king on. I’m on the inside and I know. Just ask our good friend Vince, the king is never wrong!

  34. From what I’ve seen, (I’ve been visiting this site a LONG time) the spyking hasn’t let us down yet, but king….. I am still waiting on info about the Rogue! Will it have a V-6 option or not???

  35. Like all good things, they must come to an end and so must your time of always being right with Nissans. You may be on the inside but I guarantee that your not on the inside me than me. Sorry to disappoint you.

  36. the rogue, 4cyl , and 4 cyl turbo as per acura and mazda are likely, but v-6 is not completely ruled out yet, and thank you my anonymous friend

  37. Spyking is king, he has never led us wrong. Either you know stuff or you don’t. The nay sayers haven’t proven they know anything, the KING has!

  38. “NissanSpyking said…
    the rogue, 4cyl , and 4 cyl turbo as per acura and mazda are likely, but v-6 is not completely ruled out yet, and thank you my anonymous friend”

    No no, thank you spyking for the great info you provide us all. Thank you Vince for your great web site as well. It’s become a daily visit for me. I must say though, king if you have any kinda pull at Nissan, could you let them know there is much interest in offering the Rogue with a V-6 option.

  39. All I’m saying is that the altima coupes & Sentra SE-R that I’ve driven are not even close what your saying spyking. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

  40. “Anonymous said…
    All I’m saying is that the altima coupes & Sentra SE-R that I’ve driven are not even close what your saying spyking. NOT EVEN CLOSE!”

    Hmmm someone with more inside knowledge then the spyking????? Tell us fellow anonymous friend…what do you know that the spyking doesn’t?

  41. I think I’m late on this but that Altima coupe is really nice. And did I actually see that Nissan REALLY IS going to make the Azeal and even with a turbo? The Azeal is, for all purposes, a Sentra coupe which means that it is the modern day version of the Pulsar NX. If Nissan actually makes this Azeal that would be nice. The old NX cars may have been nothing more than redesigned 2 door Sentras but they are missed. They were very cool for how reasonably priced they were. The Azeal would be very welcome and probably a good seller.

  42. It not hard to see that this is a the z,g35 body and is not a different car just a name plate swap. Of course you guys will look past all that and say they shocked the world! sad

  43. All I can say is thats it’s a Pontiac G6 coupe but with better style and same interior as the sedan.

  44. Question: If indeed it is an Altima coupe, will there be a HYBRID version since Nissan will be coming out with a hybrid in the sedan for the first time?

  45. since everyone is talking about what nissan should come out with, hell, id like to see a redesigned pulsar gtir, keep the awd and turbo, just give it smoother lines….just a thought for conversation

  46. seems everyone is bent up about this being a G35/37 knockoff. you’re probably right, and it makes since. as you all must know, the north american market G is the international market’s nissan Skyline. 240sx was NA’s version of the Sylvia. the skyline began as a sedan then added a coupe. then came the GT-R. all with a 6 cylinder engine. the sylvia for all intent’s and purposes was a thriftier 4 cylinder version of the skyline coupe. with the GT-R concept coming to fruition in 2009… aside from the altima coupe being fwd as opposed to rwd as all the others, it looks like the family is back.

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