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This car doesn’t seem to look that good, does it…

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  1. I’m French, I’ve known your website for a moment now and I went to the Mondial de l’Automobile. And I’ve to say I wasn’t not disappointed at all by the new Sebring. It really looks better in real than on pics. Really. And the quality of the interior is not bad bad at all, compared to my current Stratus. I prefer this kind of things that is really original (maybe too…) compared to these sad japanese cars (except certain Nissans) that still have no personnality. Look at this horrible Corrola, sorry Auris which is just bigger Yaris…

  2. Hello Vince and everybody else!!

    I’m French and I’m a fan of this website. I went to the Mondial de l’automobile last saturday and I wasn’t disappointed at all by the new Sebring. It really looks better in real than on pics!!And the quality of the interior is not bad at all!!is huge progress!It is undoubtedly original (maybe too for certain people…), and it is far better than all these sad japanses cars, that all look the same (except certain Nissans). I think about this new Auris that is nothing else than a bigger Yaris…The problem with these cars is that you always have the impression that it is only made to be sold, there is no passion!
    Bye bye!!
    (sorry for my English, hum American?)

  3. That car is an abomination of God. Why did they go wrong when they went right with the Crossfire, Charger, Avenger, Caliber and 300?

  4. Nope, and I think im coming close to changing my mind on it. It really seems that the front of it is soo sqaured off. What a weird design.

  5. It figures that the only person on the world who likes it is French. French cars tend to have immense, grotesque front overhangs and bizarre detailing. The Sebring has both in spades. So there you have.

    For the rest of us, yes, Vince, the car is an abomination from any angle. Even the tail end sucks, with recycled Corolla taillights.

  6. I happened to see one on the road in Gaylord Michigan with a manufacturer’s plate on it. It was a loaded black one with the chrome wheels. It looked pretty hot. I haven’t found a picture of the car yet that made it look as good as it did in person. I really liked it.

  7. Spider

    Have you had some freedom fries today?

    At least wait to see the car in person before making such comment…

    I too thinks it looks like toasted sh*t in pictures but I have to say it seems to have all the right styling elements but mismatched together. So there is probably hope that it kinda works out in person.

  8. I was watching Autoline Detroit the other week and they reviewed the Sebring the surprising thing was the video they showed was a darker color than the silver one and it surprisingly looked a lot better… so I’m going to reserve my ultimate disgust for this car until I see it in person.

  9. A true “committee car”. Can you remember the Pontiac Aztek? If they wanted something that would get noticed, they did. But for the wrong reasons…

  10. I would rather drive that weird Toyota that you posted photos of!

    This is horrible. Worst Vehicle, for looks, of calendar year 2006!

    If you want the rest of day off from work, just take a quick look at this, and you’ll wretch for sure!

  11. This car is hell ugly!!!! Just like last…lat Taurus and Aztek…

    LOL…now all big 3 has one super ugly car…Ford…GM…and This. No wonder big 3 is going down. Brainless people running the biz.

  12. In my opinion it beats the styling of the old sebring which was very dull to me, but hey it is still a nice car to drive.

  13. Yes indeed. Looking at current Sebring sales, which are in the gutter, don’t expect this model to do much better. In fact, I doubt this new model will surpass sales of bigger, more expensive vehicles such as Toyota Avalon or Buick Lucerne.

    There is no point in mentioning the main midsize competition, as the Sebring doesn’t stand a chance sales-wise.

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