One great looking convertible, coming up!

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  1. With modern chassis tuning and traction control, I wonder how many people can actually experience the characteristic of FWD, RWD, or AWD.

  2. the exterior is so clean, sharp and fresh looking (but the orig. tt is so classic….it’s THE classic. almost everything after will pale in comparison because the original was so cool). the new tt is a fantastic looking car.

    i’m really disappointed with the interior. it looks less rich and detailed than the previous version. 🙁

  3. meh – clean? yeah – look like an Audi? yeah – exciting? ummm…. boring? almost. At least thetop part of the gaping-hole grille is starting to shrink. In a few more generations it might become a reasonably attractive scoop over a true bottom-breather fascia-grille. Ifthey didn’t drive better than they look, I’d check back in ten years or so.

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