Opel Astra sedan

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Pretty much the same car already sold in south America as a Chevrolet.
Maybe it’ll be part of the Saturn Astra line up in the US….

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  1. And after the miserable reception of the Cobalt, GM stupidly rebadged it again as the lame G5. Yet eurp gets this??? I’ll bet the interior is even better than the tupperware garbage in the cobalt. This would make a great Saturn. But i have to wonder why Pontiac, GM’s “performance” division, gets all the scraps.

  2. This isnt better than the Cobalt. It has nice paint, but other than that the Cobalt has better styling. Just because something is European doesnt make it better.

  3. Better looking than the Cobalt and worthy replacement for the sad ION.

    The Saturn lineup will be impressive–the new Aura which I saw at a Saturn dealer last week appears to be the best mid-sized, moderately priced sedan GM has offered in decades.

  4. re: G…

    The “paint” on the car looks good because the car’s shape makes this silver look good. The Cobalt looks cheap and disposable compared to this and the competition.No one in their right mind would choose a Cobalt over the Astra if they had the choice.

  5. Drove an Opel Astra while I was in Germany. These things are stable as hell at 120 MPH and corner like a skateboard. Goes to show what GM can do where there is no UAW dragging them down.

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