Peugeot 207 CC in the streets.

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Pretty agressive looking for a small car.

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  1. Notice how thick those plastic bumpers are, French used them a lot when they had to park or drive in Paris.

  2. Cartoon!! what does a mini looks like? I think this little car is actually nice looking.

    Atleast it will beg your attention, like or not.

  3. I wouldn’t say the 207 is ugly, but it’s amazingly awkward and fussy compared to the usual tastefully avant-garde French designs.

    But at least it’s interesting and different. And hey, as long as our friends in Europe like it, well good enough.

  4. Isn’t Peugeot supposedly coming back to the USA in 09-10?

    This might be intersting to see on the roads.

  5. i like it.

    it looks much better than the 206 CC!
    the proportions are more appropriate now.

    could be a nice base for tuning… like the CRX back in the day.

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