Peugeot 4007 SUV

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As you can tell, it is based on the new Mitsubishi Outlander.
Actually, it just seems to be an Outlander with a weird, disturbing front end and a bunch of tacky adds on.

I was expecting more from Peugeot.
At least the upcoming Renault SUV doesn’t look that close to the Nissan it is based on…

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  1. Most Peugeots look great. But this thing is a mess. Unless there’s something special about it or it’s cheap to buy, I can’t see why anyone would want one.

  2. Vinny dear, the ads in the middle of articles have got to go. Perhaps place them on the right or left hand sides of the screen.

  3. I actually like it. It looks better than the Outlander IMHO. I think the current Outlander is better looking than the upcoming one.

  4. This is no different that what GM and Ford do. Same vehicle, different front end and taillight tweak.

    That aside, the Mitsu is a very handsome crossover, but that Peugeot grill tacked on is overdone.

  5. I like it. Not better than the Outlander, but I still like it. I do expect more from Pug considering the beautiful concepts they come out with…anyway, I hope both cars aren’t sold in the same market.

  6. The car has a really creepy smile, it looks like a pedophile or something. Its an off road SUV pretending to be nice smiling car.

  7. MKK, LOL…

    The front end does not flow with the rear now. Should have just kept messing it up instead of stopping with the front.

  8. Okay, I didn’t think it looked all that bad. But someone said that it looks like an ugly chick with braces. It’s kinda true. Now I can’t look at it

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