Phone pictures of the next Volvo XC70

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Just what you expect.
How many time can they design the same car over and over????

It now looks like an S80 wagon…

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  1. Volvo buyers don’t buy their cars because of how it looks. If you look with your eyes close, you should see that XC70 and V70 are some of the most beautiful wagons out there.

  2. They’are pretty good looking.
    But really, why do Volvo buyers buy their cars?

    They’re not very reliable, and by now, most other cars in the price range as as safe. Or even safer (Audis beat them in crash test results)

    Are they that stunning looking?

  3. I drove an s80 (actual model) for a few miles and really there is nothing special about it. It was boring to drive and had an angine that sounded like it was coming of of a tractor. But the seats are wonderful…

    There is something special about the marketing of a VOLVO.

  4. um, pretty much all auto makers “design the same car over and over” hello. BMW (bangle)look look, Cadillac harsh angle look, audi big nose look, nissan make it as fast and ugly as possible look, etc etc etc. Does this surprise you? It shouldn’t.

  5. I agree with Vince 100%. Volvos are supposed to be known for sefety, but in reality they are no better than anyone else at safety. If you take away that, what do they have? Bland, unreliable cars, some based off Japanese models (v40, was based on a Mitsubishi, new one is based on Mazda3), and they are owned by Ford. Im pretty surprised people are dumb enough to buy these when there are so many better cars for the price. The safety part is all marketing.

  6. Agreed, they’re not terribly reliable, but probably more reliable than VW/Audi. The interior on the S80 is pretty lux, though. It’s boring to drive, and the 2.5-liter engine is lacking in refinement. The 2.9-liter straight-six was a much better engine for it, and a larger version of the straight-six will return in the 2007 S80.

    But, the XC70/90 and S80 are in the size, weight, and power range where it really upsets the driving dynamics of the car to power it via FWD. They really need RWD or rear-biased AWD.

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