Rover becomes Roewe! No kidding!

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The Chinese owners couldn’t secure the rights to the name, so they just changed it!
Why not?
The new logo even fits where the old one did. And the name almost sounds the same!

The car will be a rebadged version of the former Rover 75.
With a bigger grille like an Audi.
And a somewhat cheapened interior.

Here is the original Rover interior…

On sale very soon.

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  1. I love it, reminds me of a bentley at a much much much lower Price, i can’t wait until these come to america.

  2. Loewe is “lion” in German, nice name for a “English” car company, but i seriously question the wisdom of buying a chinese car made in England with dated designs and equipments.

  3. Im honestly pretty impressed. The interior looks great, outside is not too bad (kinda like an S-type Jaguar), and the logo looks better than the old one, it looks even more historic. I think this would make a great company car. Or a long wheelbase model for being chauferred around.

  4. Interior looks similar to the New Amanti(coming out) and Azera. The exterior, while fairly decent looking( like it or not, people are commenting on it’s looks)exterior, it should be slightly updated, perhaps?

  5. the grill is overdone, and interior looks a little cheaper, but you cant beat the platform, the old 5 series was the best in its class, it would be hard to ruin the platform

  6. “, the old 5 series was the best in its class, it would be hard to ruin the platform”

    This car has absolutely NOTHING to do with the old 5 series, the new one or any 5 series ever made! (for a start this is front wheel drive, well appart from the V8 version which had nothing to do with BMW). The only BMW shared part was some gas powered strut on the trunk, which was from the X5 anyway!

  7. I’m not fond of the exterior styling changes, and I know the driving experience leaves a lot to be desired, and I know the quality will be even worse than the original, but I still kind of wish they would sell it here in the US.

    I don’t think the new interior looks worse, just completely redesigned. There’s less faux bois in the new one.

  8. “I know the quality will be even worse than the original”

    Unless you’ve actually owned a Rover 75, you’ve really got no basis for insulting the quality of the car. It was actually one of the best performing European cars in the UK Top Gear/JD Power Reliability and Satisfaction surveys, debuting on the survey in 2001 at 5th place and never finishing lower than 31st… not a bad result when there were over 150 cars in the survey.

    As an aside, this car is built on a totally new production line, as the original 75’s production line was sold to Nanjing Auto as part of MG Rover’s assets last year.

  9. At least they upgraded the dashboard and door panels from that phoney Jaguar-wannabe style.

    Even still, the exterior is abysmal, whether it be Chinese or British.

  10. yeah, i find the exterior extremely bland. whether the car could compete in the european marketplace is very doubtful using outdated designs.

    wouldnt mind having a look at it tho if it came down to australia tho. for the price and the creature comforts thats loaded in the car…why not?

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