A special Ford Fairlane preview!

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This is the Fairlane concept we’ve all seen before.
I posted these so you can compare it to the car in the following pictures.
I believe the one below is the production model.
The main changes can be seen in the doors, interior etc…

This interior is obviously not the same as the concept, right?
And is that guy checking her out or what?

Don’t stare at the bold guy. Behind him is a picture of the console, again, very different from the concept.

Here they even show you the actual doors of the production model.
Normal doors, unlike the concept.
(the guy with the fake hair seems confused…)

This was taken during a consumer clinic. So the silver car on the left isn’t it.
But the one on the right is the Fairlane. Again with regular doors.
These people look pretty bored. Or even lost….

A couple of details from the mockup.

What these pictures (from a Ford “bold moves”promo film) show is a car that is very close to the concept.
I think it looks great and should be a great way to get “out of a minivan”.
It shows Ford can come up with original ideas when they want to.

Good news indeed….

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  1. Vince, Ford might have a nifty vehicle on it’s hands, but a minivan replacement IT IS NOT.

    Where’s the awesome sliding doors that enable parents to get their kids out with ease when in a parking spot?

    Where’s the opening between the front seats that allows access to fighting kids in the second row?

    Where’s the sliding second row that can be adjusted in their current Freestar to even touch the backs of the front seats should you need to reach back there?

    Ford doesn’t need another quasi-car based SUV, it needs to keep improving on something other car makers have already GOTTEN RIGHT!

    Way ahead? Way backwards!!!

  2. lI dunno about this. Don’t we have enough of these “wagon-truck-minivan-crossover” things?

    Maybe if this were say “retro-styled” car(sedan, or 5 door, like that Mondeo, or whatever)….that’d be cool.

    What ever happened to the days of Sedan, Coupe, Truck, “Jeep”(any-the thing that looks like an SUV, or has similar purpose)Van(not minivan)? Tat was the 70’s, pretty much.
    Trucks, the Blazer, Sports cars(and sporty FWD Japanese cars)sedans.
    Anything yellow, and carrying 12 people or more used to be called a Bus, not HUMMER.

    Yes, the market is diversifying…
    but how come our side of the “pond” seems to get less of the “cool’ stuff?

  3. Watching the ford “bold moves” videos on the web gives the impression that ford thinks that this is the next big thing. I have to say that I don’t get it and it is one of the last vehicles that I would buy.

    ps…i think it’s kinda ugly too.

  4. Just watched the video.

    They have the green light and they claim that they now have 2 years to go from concept to reality.


    Where is the Ford cross platform utilization strategy? Why re-invent the wheel? They already own Land Rover and this sure looks alot like a Discovery 3, though not as tall. No wonder the american big 3 are struggling to turn a profit.


  5. I am deeply concerned about Ford.

    It seems to be pinning its hopes on this car – but this car doesnt seem to have what it takes to be a mass market hit.

    Am I missing something?

    It doesn’t look cool
    It doesn’t have a fresh or innovative interior
    There is nothing I see here that makes me feel like i gotta have one

    It doesnt even have any heritage appeal!!

    I think this is a flop waiting to happen and I worry about what this will do to Ford’s future.

  6. I fancy it. I think they’ve made a sexy minivan. The closest we’ve seen to that in the US is the Mazda5, which is neat-looking but underpowered.

  7. I heard Chevy’s bringing back the Camaro as a pickup truck…seriously- why use a name from the past with some decent cache if the new product isn’t even the same kind of vehicle? Bizarre.

  8. I think they have a hit on their hands as well. Minivans are tired. Is this the next big thing? Who knows, the market will tell us that in a little while. I would guess people posting on this are not minivan buyers anyways.

  9. IMO, it is a Mini Explorer.
    And it look kind of OK but, it will carry a Ford Engine.
    Bottom line it is a Ford=S#it…

    Save your money and help our American workers with jobs meaning, buy a Toyota (built in the USA) or a Honda (built for the most part in the USA)

    El Guapo

  10. Doesn’t look anything like an explorer. Buying toyota or honda sends your dollars overseas. Check balance of trade figures. Get educated.

  11. Anonymous said…
    Doesn’t look anything like an explorer. Buying toyota or honda sends your dollars overseas. Check balance of trade figures. Get educated.

    9:49 AM
    Listen here, UAW.
    1) I am a DAV, and GM WOULD NOT HIRAE ME tO CLEAN TOILETS, or even consider it. GM bus and brake plant, moraine ohio….
    Unless YOU KNOW SOMEONE already working at the plant(UAW)….to bring you an application, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE for a job!
    It’s that simple, and true!
    They won’t consider me to hire me, why in the $%^&*( should I give a @#$%^&*( about their vehicles?

    2) have an design and mechanical engineer(40+ years, Masters degree) father in law, worked at this plant I mentioned above, for 5 years, Contractor(no real benefits, like the UAW get). He was told by UAW boss”You finish you BA, WE WILL DIRECTLY HIRE YOU” 3 years alter, he informed them of his successful bid to complete the degree, and was, On The Spot, give a 30 days notice he’d be gone!

    Again, what $%^&* motiviation is their to support a lying ocmapny?

    3) Honda: in Anna, and West Liberty Ohio… ran an advertisment in 7 coutnies, surrounding their plants in Ohio, last Dec… ANYONE could apply for work.
    My unemployed brtoerh in law got a worker position in March of this year. GM? They would not let him in to see HR… he did not know a UAW member, to bring him an apllication, take it back in, and “vouch” for him.

    So, again, what motivation does he have to buy UAW products, HMMM?

    You sound likeaz Communist~to me, telling us what to do!

  12. PS: my father in law dumped his Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo(needed a new tranny at 107,000 miles, in fact, such greeat UAW quality!)….
    for a Great sx4, Suzuki! Ha!
    If GM had Directly hired him ,as his UAW boss/GM had promised… he’d drive GM stuff.
    Oh, that’s right, GM/Chevy does NOT offer a quality, 14,999 SUV these days!LOL.

    PS: This Ford design #$%^&* rots!
    Should have kept the concept. And they wonder why their sales aren’t so hot!

  13. To the UAW dude, send you money overseas, who gives a #$%^ besides you and other sheep-people?
    I dont’ care if China makes a car… if it’s good, and I like it, I’LL BUY IT. $%^&* rednecks!
    Seriousl8y, we have necks here who
    d rather drive a 20 year old car and have $$$ for their booze and trash women, then get jealous we have nice Hyundai’s and Scions, the tail gate ya, drive 30 in a 55, being rude$%^&*( losers.
    Are you one, too, “Mr America?”

    Buy American… I buy WT&*( I like!
    You don’;t liek it, ewither get me, A DAV, a JOB at Big 3, or buy me a car, free of charge, and i’ll drive whatever ya tell me to drive, AS LONG AS IT’s NOT $$$ from my pocket buying the $%^&* thing!
    Got it!? if not, #$%^*& lost~!

  14. For the moran above who post.
    Get educated? I don’t give a rat’s ass where the money will end, as long as it creates jobs for Americans.
    Get educated? moran, it is my money we are talking about!
    Unless you will like to educate me by buying a S#itty quality truck(Ford) I suggest you educate yourself by finding out that Ford sucks. Ford builts crap.

  15. As for the guy who says he’ll only buy stuff built in USA. Whatever.

    I KNOW people , 45-on up, got laid off “at American factories, including one guy from Ford, Lake Avon Ohio.. people for 6-8 per hour, DO NOT GIVE A RATS $%^& about “buy American” anymore, “Moran”(it’s MORON, you Moron, LOL>>>>>>>> go live in you Nazi cave!). %^&*() REDNECSK should have their own island, the island of #$%^&*( losers.
    Drink beer, watch nascar, and create human beings(kids) with their half-sisters, thnking it’s ok, becasue”they’re only HALF sisters!

  16. Vince, good thing you scan the posts, and decide what goes up on it these days. I let loose a few times, and hope (I know you did not post some of my replies, and cleaned up a few, and posted the left-over commentary)..So, in advance, sorry for giving you fits!

    As for the rest of you? I don;’t care what you like, buy, think, how you dress, whatever.
    I agree with the one guy above; don’t like my choices of vehicles? uy it, and I’ll drive it, otherwise, who cares about your opinions? I owe you nothing, and visa-versa.

    If Ford can’t compete( with junk ), and fold, tough luck. Not my fault they build things that notmany people want.Now, go fly the flag,UAW, and ramble on some more about how if Big 3 fold, we will all die tomorrow~

  17. This site’s funny. why? The Big 2.5 have Less than(think it is less than, now they have closed mroe plants) 1% of USA economy. Sure , if they all disappeared, it’d maybe slow things down a bit… but we’d survive. Diud we fold when tv’s were suddenly all made overseas?
    How about electronics(don’t spend you money on those, if you want your money to say in USA< LOL)? I could go on, but why bother. People, at one time, thought Columbus would fall "off the edge of the Earth", too, because most thought it was flat, LOL(just likeUAW'ers say" send money overseas,.we all die").
    Maybe GM should sell Daewoo(GM-DAT) and quit sneding cars over here.
    I read If NOT for SALES OF GM PRODUCTS OVERSEAS, they would have been bankrupt already!
    They buld cars overseas, soem stuff we never get. Maybe those people over there shouldn’t buy “foreign’ GM, (or Ford) cars, Only their brands?
    Aveo is Korean, the Equinox has a CHINESE BUILT V6 IN IT”, Many people still buy them, as long as it says GM(and the can pretend GM built th eV6) they’re happy.

    Get over yoursleves already and grow up.

  18. Vince, why do you have ‘blog approval’ and then approve comments that have no value to your blog other than uneducated people attacking other uneducated people?

    I mean, there’s a guy calling another a ‘moran’ and he can’t even SPELL IT. My gosh.

    Let’s stick to automobiles and leave the in-fighting to a gossip blog.

  19. Unfortunately they look like everyone elses at the point. Nissan tried something new in their minivan and it flopped big time. Guess buyers aren’t willing to go out on a limb.

  20. i am uaw. what this guy said is dead wrong! By law, they have to post all job openings through your local job service or unemployment office. If you wasnt sitting at home with your hand out, you could of got in at any plant. This is a fact. I worked at chrysler and ford.I chose ford because chrysler was using a temp type of system and i got full time at ford.I worked 6:30-2:30 at ford and 4:30-12:00 at chrysler.That is real and not what this guy is saying! Go check your local laws before spreading dumb rumors. Oh, keep in mind that it is always thousands of people going for hundreds of jobs.

  21. toyato is owned by the government and is not owned by persons.honda is also. what usa is doing is helping them build up their armies! so buy up. frankly i dont see a great difference from most domestics sold over here in the states and these foriegn cars. I dont see whats so great about them they are over hyped.I still cant get over honda ridgeline being (truck)of the year with only rwd or awd as a pricey option. Are they for real?

  22. I do accept some of the critisism from the people abroad, but we as uaw workers feel the same sometime.I remember seeing the sketches of the new ford 500 and mont.,freestyle and was exited. Until i saw the actual cars and said what happened to these freakin drawings. It looked like some fresh ideas were taken from a young designer and given to some old people to refine them and this is what we end up with.Why do every car look like an explorer from the front!Hey even in the 60’s they changed the front end aevery year with exception with popular designs.they get slow saling models and dont change them until next model year,by then the co. is hurting on sales!

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