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The next C Class will look like… A small S class!

By the way, this is still just an illustration…

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  1. See! I knew that there was a reason that I didn’t buy the current C. I can hold out for another year or two. As the previous person said, I hope that the interior is a step up from the current.

  2. This looks huge, like the size of an S-class. so anon1, I don’t you can judge the proportions of the actual car by looking at this.

  3. wow. that illustration looks great. the taillights are a great shape (an improvement over the s-class’s since they don’t have those seemingly tacked-on body colored stripes). the current C is nice but this one actually looks desirable.

    it does look long, though.

    hey vince, since we’re talkin ’bout the C-Class, any news / pics of the C-based GLK?

  4. This pic has been around for awhile, and it’s the next E class, not C.

    That’s why it looks so much bigger than the current car.

  5. G – Thats why I used the qualifier “Seems”. I know all too well how a picture can distort things. I have also seen other pics and they all seem OK. It looks like MB widened it a bit too. Have to see it in the flesh though. I think we will have it in July 07 (???)

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