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They are testing this in L.A

Not sure why. It looks like a regular 5 door Yaris like the one sold in Canada.
So why are they testing this ?

Are they planning on selling the 5 door over here?
Or is this just a mule for another car? (the rear wheel arch seems a bit different…)

You tell me…

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  1. I sure hope they plan to sell this here… So much better than the “trunk” version. I’d even consider trading in my Merc for one of these.

  2. actually, vince is right. that is the toyota yearis 5-door. they’re been selling it in canada for more than a year now….

    it’s not that great. i test drove it before getting my mazda5 and the quality of the interior is not very good at all. and here in canada, a fully loaded RS comes in at a little over $20 000 cdn…. which i would say is a rip off.

  3. It could be a Yaris TS: 6 speed manual and 1.8L for a sub-compact. But i suspect that this car will only sell in Canadian market, because of its favourable reception to small cars and high exchange rate.

  4. It loks exactly like the one we have in Canada (cant believe you guys dont have it there). Looks like theyre just testing the speedometer, for the transition from kilometeres per hour, to miles per hour on the American version.

  5. No way that’s a Corolla hatchback, it’s too small. Looks like the Yaris 5-door hatchback available in Japan and other markets.

  6. That is obviously a Yaris 5 door, can’t see how anyone would think otherwise.

    BUT, the wheelwells look suspicious, so I conclude that this is an engineering mule testing mechanical parts for another model.

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