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The new Auris is out in Japan.
We should be getting the sedan version of this. As well as the 3 door.

Are they going to keep the Corolla name in the US???

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  1. Looks great, I hope we get the same version here. As long as the price stays the same, it will definitely sell.

  2. I would really be tempted to buy this car, w/ the same trim level.

    The only fault I see is that the back seat doesn’t fold completely flat, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me.

  3. Will they keep the Corolla name?
    Toyota would be nuts to drop it–long-term excellent reputation.

    That’s one reason why Ford is in trouble–Ford throws away model names like used Kleenex (another good name).

    Fusion is a dumb name and that car should have been the all-new Taurus. Why kill a good name and spend money educating the public about a new one?

  4. Uhh… nobody’s answered Vince’s question yet!

    Yes, I think they should keep the Corolla name. This is smaller (and therefore probably cheaper). That means that people who liked the Corolla would be repelled from it for it’s size if the name changed.

    What happened to those other photos that you said were going to be the next Corolla? You know, the even blander one? Not to say that this is the blandest thing in the world, but I like the Yaris better.

    Oh, and “Korean Bomb”, take out the comma if you mean what I think you mean.

  5. wellllllll, about fold flat seats. Seems the new Suzuki SX-4 has em, and “tumble forard” ,too(but, unlike PT Cruiser, can’t take out the rear seats, for even better cargo handling).
    Toyota should , perhaps, incorporate the “PT” seating theme, or at least the SX-4, for a hatchback.
    I wanna see the 3 door, and hope it’s about as sharp as their tC!

    Price will also be a factor.

  6. Well if Toyota is dumb enough to loose a well known, very established name like Corolla, they might as well call this the “Yaris Plus”, cause it looks way too much like our yaris. On the road from a distance I would never tell the 2 apart !

  7. Anonymous said…
    As exciting as a toaster, but with way too much front overhang.

    10:20 AM
    Same guy who bashes all foreign cars…. don’t you have a house to haunt!?

  8. The Corolla name will continue in Japan. The new Corolla is a sedan stepped up to Lexus quality. The hatch Auris will only be sold in the EU. But maybe the Corolla will reach the states.

  9. anon, We get the 2008, but probably early next year (2007 labelled as a 2008. For some reason automakers release cars and label them a year ahead. I think someone mentioned the reason before, but I don’t remember why.

  10. No one has commented on the photography.

    Look at how they pictures that center console…what message do you think they are attempting to get across from that angle?


    Look at the size of this car! I spose it needs all the help it can get…

  11. 10:20 AM
    Same guy who bashes all foreign cars…. don’t you have a house to haunt!?

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I criticize only what I feel is a bad design. Country of origin has nothing to do with it.

    This car has poor proportions, too much front overhang, bland styling, and an odd center console design. Regardless of where it comes from.

  12. “Are they going to keep the Corolla name in the US???”


    Yes. Auris is basically a hatchback Corolla, which will only be sold in EU and Japan (and perhaps some Asian markets). North America will not get Auris, but sticks with new Corolla, and a new Matrix.

  13. says the next gen is out, since 10 Oct 06, in Japan(Corolla)?Also said we won’t get the next gen corolla until 2008!?(I thought next year?).Also made mention that the japanese version is too plain looking for USA market(so maybe we’ll get stuff like you posted).

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