2008 Ford Escape

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An early 2008 which goes on sale ..Early 2007…

Yes, the body panels are mostly new. Which is hard to see on the pictures.
The interior is of course similar to the Mariner we saw before.
On these pictures, at least, it looks even cheaper than the mercury.
The console looks… Well.. Cheap.

At least the iPod plug is now standard.

Let’s hope it looks and feels better in the flesh.
I will find out later this week and let you know.

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  1. Not too bad. The interior materials appear to Rival Hyundai/Kia, if it were 1999-2001 time frame, that is.
    Where are the vehicles that are supposed to save Ford the next few years? T

  2. wow, this was worth the wait, how groundbreaking and forward thinking of ford. this should shake up the whole segment. Enough bullshit! this is so weak I can’t believe anyone at ford is not expecting to be chastized over this weak, poor attempt. are they just not trying??? have they given up?? that’s what I see here!

  3. FORD, ford, ford ford ford, WTF are you thinking? are you in fact thinking at all?, it’s 2007 soon. Who makes decisions at ford to put old style vehicles out there as new stuff? are you really banking on THIS type of stuff for salvation. It’s OVER!

  4. The tendency for the last few years has been to reduce the number of parts needed in a car. Headlights, for example, used to be comprised of 3-4 separate lights, one box, a chrome trim around that, and a separate turn signal in the bumper (itself having 2-3 parts plus a few trims, etc.) – Remember the 80’s…

    Now cars look cleaner without all those extras and automakers save money because they don’t have to manufacture nor assemble all those tiny f***ing parts.

    But Ford is going back on the ”trim” era on its interiors (at least) and it looks really bad.

    From this picture, you can tell the center console has it’s own material, plus a couple of trims around that.

    We’re back in the 80’s when Ford was making cheap interiors in various colours as ugly as each other (Beige, burgundy red, green) for their much beloved and ignored Ford LTD.

    Just send those vehicules straight from the factory to AVIS, BUDGET, HERTZ, etc.

    This minor redesign tells us Ford is really hoping that its EDGE will replace the Escape.

  5. I am thinking they are making this the tough utilitarian 4 seater, leaving the Edge as the smoother less utilitarian vehicle with 4 seats. Not a bad plan, the engines need updated as well, their 4 is rough.

  6. Ford employees do not deserve a paycheck for putting out a bad joke like this. It’s time for you Bozos to go back to school then get a real job!

  7. I think some one loss their girl to a ford guy! Why so rough on the blue oval,your anger shows. Is this something personal or what? Every comment on the blue oval is bad. It is plenty of under achieving vehicles to go around but i am not hearing you guys critisizing them. The only ones taking beatings are the ones that are born in the states! If you love foreign markets that bad just move there and see how much you like it.Lets not turn this blog into a big 3 bashing head quarters!

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