2008 VW Sharan

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The next one will be based on the new Passat. Not sharing any parts with Ford (like the current model)

What we’ll get over here instead, is a VW Minivan based on the new Dodge Caravan.
“Based one” usually means: The same one with a new front end…

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  1. Actually the VW minivan will not share any body panels, with the Chryslers,and it will have its own unique VW dash, it will however get the store a floor option.

  2. And they said only the Chinese copied Honda’s design.

    this thing has the champion (Honda’s Odyssi)written all over it.

  3. What this means is that we don’t get this version in America because they cost too much, and Americans will prefer a cheaper Chrysler based model. Chrysler Voyager does pretty well in Europe, so they could have used it for the whole world and saved a lot of money.

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